4 simple tips for an effortless household move

Do you want to move? Maybe you need to move because of your job, new partner, college, or anything in between. For this reason, it is time to organize your relocation. Organizing a relocation can be quite mentally and physically exhausting. It is not easy to transport your entire household even locally, much less across the country. It would be easier if you hire ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong, but you should still know what to do in case you need to move. Therefore, here are all the simple tips for an effortless household move. You should follow them if you want to participate and organize most of your upcoming relocation. 

Hire a moving company for an effortless household move 

As mentioned, it can be quite hard to organize a DIY move, especially if you do not have any previous experience. In addition to this, since you plan to move your entire household, carrying and lifting heavy or large household appliances would be a true challenge. This is where you should hire a moving company. Every reliable and professional moving company has employees that are equipped with knowledge and skills. Therefore, they will know how to properly pack and move every item in your household. However, you should be careful when hiring movers. Some movers might present themselves as reliable but they are inexperienced and not well equipped. In order to avoid having your items lost or damaged, you should pay attention when hiring movers. Make sure to choose three to five companies and after a good background check, you can hire one.

man reading on the computer about an effortless household move
You can find movers on the Internet

Get packing supplies 

When you are moving, you need to get packing supplies. This is probably the most important part of your relocation. If you do not have good packing supplies, your items will be in danger of getting lost or getting damaged. For this reason, try to get quality packing supplies. You have two options. Firstly, you can get them from your moving company. Since this might not be affordable, you can find them by yourself. Instead of paying for cardboard boxes, try looking for free moving boxes at your neighborhood recycling drop-off points. You will be surprised how many boxes you can find at these locations. In addition to this, you should also reuse original boxes for electronics and other household appliances. Not only does it save you money, but it also helps minimize the number of boxes you have to purchase. 

Declutter your house for an effortless household move 

It is unnecessary to move every single item that you have in your house. For this reason, you should declutter your house before relocation. First, you should go and see which items are old, too heavy, in bad condition, or you are just tired of them. These items should find the new home and purpose. Therefore, you can try selling them first. This would be a good way to earn extra money to pay for your move. Then, you can donate your items to charities. Lastly, you should throw away all the items in bad condition. However, if you are short on time, you can always rent short term storage Hong Kong and keep your items there. A storage unit is perfect when you are moving. If you need a safe and secure place to keep your items until your move-in date, storage units are the best. 

white living room
You should move only items that are still useful

Plan an efficient packing order

Since now you know which items you want to move, it is time to pack them all. This is the hardest part of your relocation. If you want to do it yourself, be careful. Here is how you should go on about packing.  

  • Take photos of your items before packing them – in case something happens, you will have proof that your items were in good condition. 
  • Use the color-code method for your moving boxes – this way, you will know exactly where your items are. It will be helpful when unpacking your items. 
  • Get foam pouches for plates, bowls, glassware, and anything similar to this. 
  • Buy a door stopper. 
  • Place heavier items in smaller boxes. 
  • Use pillows and blankets as protective barriers for your fragile items. 
  • After the move, flatter your cardboard boxes and store them for later use. 

Preparing yourself mentally for an effortless household move 

Preparing your items for relocation is hard but you need to pay attention to your health and well-being as well. Since these weeks are going to be stressful with organizing everything while working and dealing with life, your health might be in danger. It would be extremely inconvenient if you endanger your health in this situation. For this reason, you need to take care of your mental and physical health. This means sleeping every night, eating healthy and properly every day, not leaving all the packing for the last couple of days, and so on. In addition to this, you also need to drink water in order to keep your body hydrated. It would be smart to do light stretching exercises before and after packing in order to avoid muscle aches. This is extremely important on your moving day since you will be carrying and lifting heavy boxes. 

woman doing yoga
You should prepare your body and mind for relocation

Practical tips when relocating 

Lastly, here are some practical tips for an effortless household move. First of all, you should choose a mid-week, mid-month while avoiding the summer when setting your moving date. This is when moving quotes are the cheapest. Then, on your moving day, make sure that the moving truck has a parking spot. You should also prepare cash so you can tip movers after relocation. Then, you should check cabinets, drawers, closets, and similar places before moving out. These are the places where people usually leave things behind without noticing. In addition to this, you should change the locks on your new house as soon as possible. Do not forget to prepare an essential bag where you will keep all your essential items. Lastly, make sure to prepare many water bottles for your moving day. 

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