4 ways to emotionally prepare for leaving Hong Kong

Moving abroad is a huge decision that will change your life and habits forever. Even if you are looking forward to moving, it will be hard to say goodbye to your home. You have spent most of your formative years in a home surrounded by people you love. Therefore, it can be quite challenging to learn about a new culture and customs and try to fit in. This can be even more difficult when you start to feel nostalgic. For this reason, here are all the ways to emotionally prepare for leaving Hong Kong while international moving company Hong Kong can help you with the relocation itself. 

Emotionally prepare for leaving Hong Kong by doing plenty of research 

You can hardly escape the feeling of nostalgia when you are moving to Australia to Hong Kong. In order to feel a little bit better, you should try to find out more about your future destination. First of all, see about accommodations. If you do not have already everything reserved, you need to find suitable accommodation. The best way would be to rent an Airbnb for a month and two so you can visit the places.

It is better if you could go and check the place in person. This way, you can see if all the furniture is included and the state they are in. You also need to check the neighborhood, stores close by, etc. In addition to this, you should also see visas, utilities, taxes, transport, and so on. It is helpful to learn about new culture and environment before departure.  

couple reading about emotionally prepare for leaving Hong Kong
You should research about your new country

Visit the country of your choice 

If you have the opportunity to visit the country of your choice, then do it. This would be an excellent way to see how everything works. Why is this important? A good way to emotionally prepare yourself would be to already know what to expect. If you already have visited the city where you want to move to, you would be ready for everything. Since it is quite stressful to deal with unfamiliar, it is better to make it familiar before your relocation. Usually, before going somewhere new, most people would worry if they would fit, find local markets, places to shop, dine out, make friends, see how all the bureaucracy works, etc. When you are already prepared in advance, you can easily reduce the level of stress. You can even organize accommodation, hire Hong Kong movers and packers, and have everything ready for your relocation. 

Emotionally prepare for leaving Hong Kong by planning a trip home 

No matter how excited you are about your upcoming move, you will miss home at some point. In order to deal with nostalgia, you can plan your trip back home. It is hard to be far away from your family and friends. Even if you make new friends, you cannot escape from missing your home. For this reason, you should plan your trip. You will have this trip to look forward to when you are feeling homesick. It is only natural that you are missing your home. Do not feel guilty for wanting to go back.

It can be quite overwhelming to live as a foreigner, especially if there is a language barrier. Not to mention, even if you speak the language, there are always cultural differences. This all can make you miss your home even more and dealing with homesickness is not easy. 

Hong Kong during the night
You can always plan your trip back to Hong Kong

Connect with your fellow ex-pats 

If you are moving to Australia, you will find out that there are many people from Hong Kong already living there. They are either expanding their business to Australia, attending universities, or simply working for an Australian company. Whatever the case might be, there is a big community of Hongkongers. The best way to deal with homesickness is spending time with fellow country people and together overcoming changes that come with living in Australia. Even you are fluent in English as is the case with Australia, sometimes, it is comforting to talk in your mother tongue. Not to mention, it is easier to connect with people that share the same culture and language as you. In addition to this, it is even better if you can talk to someone who is already there before your relocation. 

Emotionally prepare for leaving Hong Kong by inviting friends over 

As mentioned, it can be hard to live far away from your friends and family. You can make plans for their visit even before you leave Hong Kong. Similar to your planning a trip back home, you will have something to look forward to, especially if you are having a hard time adjusting. Even if everything is going well for you in a foreign country, it is always exciting to show your friends your new home.

You will have enough time to find all the best restaurants, social media-worthy pictures places, and so on. In addition to this, you can also think about buying gifts for your family and friends. It can be quite challenging to buy presents, so here are a couple of suggestions. 

  • Something traditional of your new country 
  • Magnets, keychains, small pictures with characteristics of your new country 
  • Personalized gifts 
people talking
You can have your friends over for a visit

Establish a routine that fits your personality 

The last effective way to emotionally prepare for leaving Hong Kong is to establish a routine. Think about your future life with all the information you have. In order to feel comfortable, you should maintain the same or similar routine you had back home. This would include still doing your hobbies, going to the gym, maintaining the same sleeping schedule and eating habits, etc. Once you establish your new/old routine, you will feel much better. Your new country will start to feel like a second home. This can even help when you are feeling homesick or missing your family and friends. Lastly, it is healthy to have a routine that you can rely on. Your life abroad will be less stressful. 

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