A guide to moving internationally with a baby on the way

Moving internationally is never easy because there’s so much you need to think of. You need a detailed plan in place a few months before the move, while it will also take some time to acclimatize once you settle in. If you’re moving internationally with a baby on the way, the pressure might be even more intense. You’ll want to make sure that everything is in order and that your family can grow in a healthy way. The easiest way to secure a successful relocation is to consider hiring some of the movers Hong Kong has. They can help with the entire relocation, making it a much more relaxed experience. Here’s all you need to know about moving to Hong Kong with a baby on the way.

Challenges of moving internationally with a baby on the way

Many things make international relocations more complicated. For example, you need to get border clearance, both for your items and yourself. However, you and your belongings won’t be traveling together when relocating to Hong Kong. Your items have to be shipped across the ocean, which requires proper packing and labeling. Unlike your items, you can board a plane, and rest assured all of your items will reach your doorstep if you hired a reliable company. Contrary to the popular belief, pregnant women can fly without risk. Some companies may disallow pregnant women in the last weeks, but there is no evidence it can harm the mother or the baby.

baby on the way
Your kids deserve only the best, so make sure you do all you can when moving internationally with a baby on the way.

Preparing your items for transportation

International cargo is moved in specialized strong containers. They provide great protection during bad weather and extreme temperatures. Since ships take some time to reach their destination, it’s paramount that everything is well protected. Also, make sure that you discuss with your international moving company Hong Kong import/export laws. You should know if any restrictions apply to your belongings and how to get the right clearance. Containers require proper labeling while failing to do it right can raise suspicion at the customs office.

While you need strong metal or wooden containers for international shipping, you can still use carton boxes to subcategorize your belongings. It also adds another layer of protection and allows you to make sure everything stays safe. More fragile items also require extra layers of packing paper or bubble wrap. That’s why you should gather all the materials for packing at least a month before loading your belongings on board.

packing equipment for moving internationally
Get the right equipment before you start packing, so nothing is off once you start.

Moving with pets

Pets fall under strict regulations and restrictions when it comes to international relocations. Not all animals can be imported into Hong Kong, but those who can require special permits. You can get the right permit from your vet, but you should take enough time to run all the required tests. Try not to raise any suspicion at the border control and don’t forget any relevant documents. Border control can take your pet into quarantine because of the safety protocols. This can be very stressful, both for your pet and your family. That’s why it’s very important to prepare well and in advance.

What to expect from life in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a beautiful city with a vibrant culture. Many young people move to Hong Kong for better education, which makes it a great place for your kids to grow up here. Additionally, the city features several residential districts which all have great access to different amenities. From sports courts to parks and other public spaces, Hong Kong can fit and support your kids as they grow up.

You can expect to find excellent fine dining options in Hong Kong. This can be a great way to experience the city and relax once you settle in. It will take time to acclimatize, but it’s best if you take it slow and focus on your family. Try to have several activities outside your home with your family to better connect with the city.

Hong Kong is also known for its amazing nightlife. While it may not be high on the priority lists for young families, it’s great always have a nice place to go out for a drink.

residential building hong kong
While practical, architecture is always creative in Hong Kong.

Monthly expenses after moving internationally with a baby on the way

The market in Hong Kong is always in high demand. Both real estate and everyday expenses reflect the city’s high status but it might not be like you thought. While all the glamour of the city is partially reflected in its prices, it can be much cheaper than some cities in the UK or the US.

Utility bills aren’t too high, which your family will appreciate once you settle in. Groceries are available from local and international markets, which can sometimes differ in price significantly.

However, the high expenses come from real estate, which means you might have to downsize. Going out every day for dinner in a restaurant might also be heavy on your budget. Still, if you are okay with downsizing and can endure going to a restaurant once or twice a week, you won’t find it hard to manage.

Culture center and a diverse community

People come to Hong Kong from all around Asia and all around the world. The city was like this historically and never lost its diverse identity. Cultures mixed and produced great ideas, which are now materialized in Hong Kong’s great contemporary art scene. It draws people from all around the world making Hong Kong a great city for your kid to grow up in. Growing up in an international city creates a better perspective for your child, allowing it to develop and be open-minded. Without a doubt, you’ll love your time in Hong Kong after moving internationally with a baby on the way.

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