A guide to packing up your household before an international move

When you are moving abroad, it is of utmost importance to carefully plan and pack your belongings. There is one main difference between a short distance move and an international one. You can’t just quickly go back for anything you might have left behind. Once you’ve already arrived at the destination it is too late to remember that you forgot some small but crucial item at your old place. Therefore, we at the movers Hong Kong will provide you with some tips that you could find when packing up your household for an overseas move. And hopefully this will help you prepare and allow for a better moving experience.

Suitcases; that could be used for packing up your household
Packing up your household for an international move won’t be easy

When packing up your household for moving abroad travel light

No matter what you do, relocating to a whole new country will be expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to make this at least a bit less economically taxing for yourself. Depending on where you currently live, the first thing you can consider is your wardrobe. There is a good chance that you won’t need most of it, especially if you are for example, relocating to Hong Kong from some place that has a colder climate. This works in your favor. Winter  clothing take up most of the space and weigh more such items are:

  • coats
  • jackets
  • heavy boots
  • woolen sweaters

Another thing that you need to think about are your household appliances and furniture. While it is possible to pack up your household in its entirety and move it across the sea, it is probably not the most practical option.
As an experienced international moving company Hong Kong can count on, we can tell you that more often than not, buying new furniture can turn out to be cheaper than transporting it such a long distance. So in this case when deciding what to bring, items of great sentimental value should take priority.

plates of different sizes and patterns
Don’t pack too many fragile but unnecessary items

Start looking for the movers early on

Whether you are traveling to your destination via plane, car or other methods, only a small amount of personal items will travel with you. A few suitcases and hand-luggage might not be enough to fit everything you want to bring. It can take some time for your stuff to arrive at a new location, especially if they are being transported by sea. So when packing up your household for an international move, you need to find movers for your overseas relocation as soon as you can. That way your belongings can wait for you to get there instead of the other way around.

Packing up your household is easier with a checklist

It cannot be stressed enough that moving requires great attention to detail. To avoid trying to keep track of everything in your head it is better to make an international moving checklist. Ticking of boxes on paper is a good way you can ensure that you are not forgetting anything. Packing up your household items is an essential part of moving. But there is a lot more that goes on the moving checklist. Such as gathering all the necessary documentation, checking out the embassy etc.

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