A guide to packing your bulky items when relocating

There comes a moment in life when you decide that you need to have a change in the environment. There are many different reasons why people choose to relocate. It may be finding a better position, expanding business, or simply changing the scenery. However, relocation is not a simple process. Once you decide to take such a big step forward, you will need to prepare well for all the stages of your relocation. In addition, when moving your home, there will be some large items that you should pack and transport. Since this is not an easy task to do, it would be useful to hire a moving company Hong Kong. Packing large items can be a tough chore since these items are heavy for lifting. Discover in this article all about packing your bulky items when relocating and making it a relocation to remember.

Facts you should know when packing your bulky items when relocating

When it comes to packing for relocation the thing that might dread you the most is packing large and bulky items.

a room full of furniture
Packing your bulky items when relocating requires thorough preparation

Packing smaller items is much easier, and takes less time, space, and energy. On the other hand, items such as king-size beds, closets, sofas, or bathtubs can give you headaches when preparing for moving. Remember that you got them in separate pieces and that you had to assemble them before putting them in their places. When moving from Hong Kong to USA, these items will need additional care and preparation. If you do not handle them properly, your bulky belongings can cause serious injuries and also can break into pieces. For this reason, you will need to apply some other packing rules. This way, you will save yourself from injuries. Plus, you will have everything in one piece.

Your relocation will need a firm moving plan

If you do not have much experience in relocating, especially to a different state, then it is easy to think that this is something you will finalize in a week. However, the reality check shows something different. Every relocation process has several stages. What you need to do is to make a plan for each stage you will go through. It is vital to use moving service Hong Kong, especially for first-time movers. Your movers can also give you information and help you create your moving checklist. Depending on the number of the items, particularly the large ones, you will need to take a comfortable timeframe so you can finalize everything on time. When going long-distance, try to start as early as possible. Ideally, you will have at least two months to go successfully through all the stages of your preparation.

Early stages when packing your bulky items when relocating

If possible, avoid starting with the preparation process at the last minute. Instead, the moment you decide to relocate and choose your new destination, make sure to plan everything in detail.

to do list for packing your bulky items when relocating
Make a detailed list of your packing plan

Before you start with any action, remember that you need to ensure your home from breaking. Therefore, plan to get some additional protection for your home. In the meantime, you need to decide from which room to start for this international moving. Usually, the largest pieces of furniture are in your bedroom. If you will start with large closets, the first thing you need to do is to remove all the items from them. This is the ideal time to check all your items before packing them and decide what you should keep and what to discard. Once you remove everything from your closets, make sure to clean them properly.

Get the right packing materials

Before you even start removing items from your bulky furniture, you need to already prepare different kinds of moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, etc. In addition, packing your bulky items when relocating requires additional packing materials. These should be on a separate list when packing up your household. You do not have to be a professional lifter to get to know how to handle these large items. However, you need to be careful therefore prepare the following:

  • Dolly
  • Moving straps
  • Stair rollers
  • Slides
  • Mattress sling
  • Suitable pads and filling materials

In addition, it would be useful to find all the assembly guides that you have. Having these guides will help you know exactly which parts of your furniture you should remove first. If you start disassembling items randomly, they might start falling apart all over the place and cause some serious injuries.

Start disassembling

This may be one of the most complex stages of your bulky items’ moving preparation. The reason why you need to disassemble your items is that it would be much easier to pack smaller parts than as one large piece.

a brown leather sofa
Start disassembling your furniture before you start packing it

First of all, check if your items have any removable parts. For example, when moving kitchen appliances, these will have some shelves and drawers. Once you start unscrewing any bolts, write down all the steps you took during this process. Remember that you can always opt for professional packing if you are not sure how to handle some pieces. For those items that you will be handling on your own, keep the bolts, screws, and all the pieces that belong to a particular item together. Also, remember to label these bags or boxes. Do not move on to the next item, until you completely disassemble the first one.

More tips for packing your bulky items when relocating

In case you do not wish to take all the doors from certain cabinets, you need to also make sure to secure them properly. Therefore, once you start packing kitchen or bathroom cabinets with doors, you will need a special type of tape that you will use for secure wrapping. For each such piece, make sure to use bubble wrap. This will help you protect each piece properly, especially for some last-minute packing. When you securely wrap each piece, put lots of packing tape around. This way you will ensure that the doors will not open either when taking things out or during transportation. Then, you can use a moving blanket to wrap each piece and provide additional protection to your pieces. Also, think about the order in which your movers will put the items in the truck and pack similar items together.

Use heavy-duty containers

When it comes to packing bulky furniture or items in general, regular cardboard boxes will not be much of use. Furniture legs, doors, or other pieces can be pretty heavy. If you put them in this kind of box, they can easily fall apart. Therefore, make sure to obtain some durable shipping boxes. When you contact your movers for help, you can ask if they can provide such boxes. Some plastic or wooden crates will be suitable for this kind of packing. Also, you need to ensure that each box you use can actually carry the weight of your bulky pieces.

heavy duty containers for packing bulky items when relocating
You will need some heavy-duty containers to pack large items

If you go for professional packing, your movers will bring their own scales and tools and pack all these items properly on the spot. Additionally, you can make your boxes strong and sturdy. To reinforce them, you can use heavy-duty packing tape all around.

How to pack a king-size bed for relocation

One of the greatest challenges when packing your bulky items when relocating is certainly packing your king-size bed. Before you start, make sure to clear up enough space in the room where the bed is. You will need to remove the bedding and a large mattress and put it somewhere safe. If your bed has legs, make sure to unbolt them one by one. For this action, it would be useful to have some help from either your movers or your friends. If you do not have enough space in your home, you can use rent some storage to store there some bulky pieces such as your mattress. Once you remove all the legs, you can start taking the bed apart. Put all the sides together and place them on the floor. Then you can wrap them with lots of bubble wrap and use some additional fillings to secure the items from chipping or breaking.

Packing your fridge for relocation

Before you start packing your fridge and kitchen in general, you need to remove all the items from it first. If possible, cook all the food, especially perishable items during your relocation preparation, Also, you will need to defrost your freezer before you start packing your fridge. When applying for a moving estimate, make sure to inform your movers about the number of appliances that you plan to transport. After tempting and defrosting, you need to properly clean it both inside and outside.

a woman cleaning a fridge
Wipe your fridge before you start packing it

It would be very useful if you have original padding and a box for your fridge. If not, make sure to wrap it up with bubble wrap and lots of packing tape, and then put on some moving blankets to additionally protect it. Additionally, you can use a moving strap or a rope to protect it.

Learn heavy lifting when packing your bulky items when relocating

Packing bulky items and moving them around is not an easy task to do. You do not have to visit a gym six months before your moving preparations start. However, it is useful to learn some basic rules that you should apply to make things easier. Even with the right packing tools and tips, you can still get hurt. You probably wish to save on your international relocation by doing things on your own. But you should think about your safety and maybe consider hiring a moving company. First of all, when lifting heavy items you need to bend your knees. and stabilize your back in a good straight position. Every time you lift an object, you need to bend your knees and pull your shoulders. This way you ensure that the weight goes through your legs rather than your back.

Make sure to protect your floors when moving large furniture

Packing your bulky items when relocating has many different stages of preparation. One of the most important things to do is to protect your floors when packing and moving things around. Before Long distance moving services arrive to pick things up, you will probably need to move your items from one corner to another. Use furniture sliders or rubber mats to help you slide the furniture over the floor.

brown boxing gloves on the floor
Protect your floors when packing your bulky items when relocating

This way you will prevent scratching the floors. In addition, tilt your furniture back and use different kinds of protectors to put under it. Also, to carry your sofa or a huge bookshelf you can use different sorts of padding to put on the legs and corners. This way you will protect both your furniture and your floors from any potential damage.

How to use additional tools for transporting your items

When doing DIY removal of your bulky furniture, you can use different kinds of special tools to make the whole process easier. Packing your bulky items when relocating needs using a dolly. You may use either a utility or furniture dolly. The latter is flatter and more convenient for bulky items. Using this you can move most of your items without too much effort. You may order them from Amazon or buy them in a local store. Lifting straps or a shoulder dolly is a tool that can help you strap your bulky furniture to your dolly. If you need to move items up and down, you can use stair rollers. With a rotating set of three wheels on each side, you can easily move bulky items up and down the stairs. Finally, a mattress sling can help you carry your mattress more easily.

a woman holding a dolly
A dolly can be quite a useful tool when transporting large items

Packing your bulky items when relocating is not an easy process. The most important part of the whole procedure should be creating a detailed packing plan. You need to make sure to disassemble the items properly and use the right packing and carrying materials. Also, consider hiring a professional packing service and make the whole process much easier.

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