Avoid injuries while moving with ease

Moving is not an easy task. It can bring you a lot of stress and anxiety. And it’s not all about packing and loading the truck. It is also about planning the moving day. One day of moving demands a lot of planning. The main concern when you are in the process of packing whether you are using cheap movers Hong Kong, or you are doing this move on your own is how to avoid injuries while moving. A lot of people take this for granted, therefore they are not careful enough. The moving process requires a lot of attention. So, here we will show you some of the things that you can do to prevent and avoid injuries while moving.

Picking up boxes

A lot of people get injured while simply picking up a box from the floor. How do they manage that you ask? Well, very simple. If a box is heavy they pick it up completely unprepared. Now, we are not trying to make a whole procedure of a simple task, but there are ways to avoid injuries while doing this. It is really simple. Instead of bending your back to pick up a box you simply do a squat. By doing a squat to reach out for the box you will avoid a very painful injury, that is spraying your back. By picking up a heavy box by doing a squat you will have no issues loading the truck like a pro. Here are some tips for lifting:

  • Stretch before heavy lifting
  • Use belts and straps
  • Make sure you back is not under tension
  • Never lift more than you can
man with crate on his back
Be careful with lifting

Avoid injuries while moving by not being a tough guy

So, when we say that you can avoid injuries while moving by not being a tough guy, we mean it! There is no need to prove anything to anyone because the fact is that if you try to lift something that is over your head, you will get seriously injured. This type of injury is very hard to recover from. That is why as soon as you notice that you cannot lift that particular box, just get help, or let the professionals take care of it. When it comes to long-distance moving make sure to have your vehicle transported by car shipping HK, this is another reference to not trying to be a tough guy and ride it to your next destination. There are bad things that can happen due to you being tired and sleepy. Therefore, there is a solution to any problem you may encounter while moving.

If you can push, do so

It is always a better choice to push something than to lift it up. Chances that you will injure yourself are slim to none when you are pushing something that is heavy. That is why there are carts with wheels for a lot of items that are too heavy and big to lift it up. So, if you have a chance to push something instead of lifting it up and risk getting injured, do so.

Dress properly in order to avoid injuries while moving

So, moving day is not a fancy, elegant occasion. You shouldn’t dress your favorite dress or suit. That is common sense. What you should wear on a moving day is something old, that can get dirty and maybe even ripped. Something that you won’t feel sorry for if after the moving day you cannot wear it any longer. The way you dress on a moving day is important for a lot of reasons.

girl in the park
Always dress properly for the job

The main reason is that this is another way to avoid injuries while moving. If you, for example, wear really baggy clothes and flip flops on a moving day, chances that you will get injured in some way are huge. You can trip very easily, or you can rip your clothes on something sharp and therefore cut yourself. So, make sure to wear something comfortable but not too baggy and sneakers with no shoelaces are definitely the best choice.

Don’t go over your head, literally!

Moving means a lot of lifting as we already mentioned. Heavy boxes, lightboxes, you will have it all. What is extremely important when moving is not to lift anything over your head, literally. This could cause the worst injury you can get while moving. If you injure your head, it is unnecessary to say but you will be in big trouble. This is so easy to avoid. Simply do not lift anything over your head, absolutely anything!

Do not overpack!

Another thing to do or better yet not to do is to overpack. By having a lot of items in one box you are again risking an injury. Not only an injury but the box can break and everything you had in that box will fall out and you will have to pack again, and also there will be one box less to pack in. This is also very important when it comes to glassware. Pack the glassware carefully, and make sure not to overpack. Because if you do overpack, that is an accident waiting to happen.

old suitcase
Make sure your boxes are not heavy.

Trying to avoid injuries while moving is important. By following these simple rules of dos and don’ts you will definitely avoid an injury. It is the last thing you need when moving. So, if you go step by step you can make sure that your moving day will go by flawless. At the end of the day, if you are not feeling like packing, moving, avoiding ways to get injured while doing this, simply hire professionals. They will pack and move you in no time with you not lifting a finger, therefore possibilities for an injury are zero.


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