Benefits of micro-apartments in Hong Kong

The hype for large, over-the-top living spaces has slowly been getting less and less popular! Now, people prefer to live in smaller, self-contained units. This is especially the case in huge business and trade centers all over the world. As more people flock to cities such as Hong Kong, Washington D.C., Beijing, New York, and London, the demand for smaller flats is rising. However, this is not the only reason why people are interested in living in smaller spaces with the right amount of luxury. If you are one of those people, and you are looking for a place in Hong Kong, after reading this blog, you will want to contact a moving company Hong Kong as soon as possible. Learn the benefits of micro-apartments in Hong Kong and see whether or not these units fit your personal needs.

What are exactly micro-apartments?

Micro-apartments are really tiny apartments, as their name suggests. They have become really popular mostly because of their affordability. But, over time, people have seen that living in a micro-apartment brings many other financial benefits as well, especially in Hong Kong. If moving to Hong Kong is your plan in the near future then you should really consider renting or buying one of the micro-apartments in Hong Kong. These kinds of apartments are usually even smaller than studio apartments. Obviously, they don’t have a bedroom, and a living room, just one room that functions as both.

Kitchen in an micro-apartment
There are many benefits of micro-apartments in Hong Kong

Of course, micro-apartments do have a kitchen, even though usually it isn’t separated from the living room with a door. A completely functional bathroom is a must in each apartment. Sometimes, if you are willing to pay more, these apartments have a balcony. But, the best thing is that even though it is not a huge space, it is completely functional. Don’t be afraid and think that you won’t be feeling at home in a micro-apartment.

How much money do you have to pay for renting an apartment in Hong Kong?

Because housing in Hong Kong is so competitive, renting a house or an apartment may be rather costly. A one-bedroom apartment in Hong Kong may cost anything from 12,000 to 20,000 HKD (1,500 to 2,500 USD) per month. On the plus side, most flats readily fulfill the highest living requirements. Older buildings are frequently refurbished to provide occupants with the same level of comfort as modern housing complexes. The prices for micro-apartments are lower. However, since they have become a trend only in a few recent years, they also meet all the criteria and can be luxurious. On average, a square foot of any type of apartment costs US$2,082.

Planning to buy an apartment in HK means planning your budget wisely

If you are planning on buying an apartment in Hong Kong, you need to plan your budget well. To plan your budget, it is not enough to know just the prices of micro-apartments. Planning the budget for buying is not that difficult. But, you need to know the other costs of living in Hong Kong. That way, you can plan and prepare accordingly. We will tell you what are some basic costs of:

  • housing,
  • utilities,
  • food,
  • transport.
Luxurious kitchen
Micro-apartments can be extremely luxurious

The housing costs, especially the monthly rent, depending on the area. You can compare these prices with the cost of your micro-apartment and see if you have made a good deal. For example, in one of the most prominent Hong Kong areas, you would have to pay a monthly rent of HK$47,511 or $6,053 if you want to leave in a bigger apartment. For a condo of the same size, you would have to pay HK$35,360 or $4,505 in a less popular area. Utilities usually cost around $160 for one month. Of course, in a micro-apartment, that cost is usually as twice as lower. That is why living in that kind of apartment has many benefits.

Other costs of living in HK

If you want to have the Internet, you will have to pay $32. When it comes to food, if you want to eat outside, you will have to pay around $12 or HK$90 for a regular lunch meal with a drink in a restaurant. Eating in a fast food restaurant will cost you $5.65 for a regular meal, usually a burger. When it comes to buying groceries, you will have to pay $2.97 for milk, $17 for local cheese, or $2.66 for 1 kg of potatoes. One liter of gas costs $2.76 and a monthly public transport ticket is HK$542, which is $69. Now that you have all this in mind, you can plan on buying or renting a micro-apartment in Hong accordingly.

A chair and a table next to a bed
Maximize your space in a micro-apartment

Lower living costs with the help of micro-apartments in Hong Kong

Apart from turning the ‘cleaning day’ into a ‘cleaning hour’ with a small flat, you can reduce the costs of living in Hong Kong as well! Naturally, a smaller space will produce smaller monthly costs. So, your heat, water, and electricity bills will be much more manageable. This will enable you to save money for a bigger place much faster. Or, if you’re content with your Hong Kong micro-apartment, save for whatever you like.

Micro apartments in Hong Kong are easy to buy

The main benefit of getting a smaller apartment is that they are usually much easier to get. Hong Kong is no different! With the mortgages and the demand for living spaces rising, micro-apartments in Hong Kong are the perfect answer. Not only are they generally cheaper, but the mortgages for them are much easier to get. Additionally, if you’re moving to Hong Kong for business, these flats might be the perfect solution for you. If you need international moving services to get to Hong Kong, getting a micro-apartment will help you save some money and adjust better to your new environment.

Even if you don’t buy, but rent a micro-apartment in Hong Kong, you will gain a lot. This is especially the case if you are not planning on staying for too long, but only for a few months. If you are not staying for too long, that means that you don’t need a lot of items. So, you will be saving up a lot if you get a micro-apartment. You won’t have to worry about transferring all of your belongings but have just basics. Most definitely, you will still have everything you need.

Micro-apartments are easier to rent out later on and you get your money back

Another benefit of buying a micro flat is that you can get your money back by renting it out. Even if you decide to live somewhere else, micro-apartments in Hong Kong are ridiculously easy to rent. Since they are perfect for young professionals who would sacrifice space to live closer to their job location, smaller apartments will never stay empty for long. And, since Hong Kong’s economy is booming right now, there are many people looking for apartments to rent in Hong Kong. These are convenient for business people who don’t spend a lot of time at home. So, having a micro-apartment pays off in more than one way.

A dining table in micro-apartments in Hong Kong.
Renting out micro-apartments is a safe investment, especially in Hong Kong.

Luxury that beats most larger units

Another advantage of getting micro-apartments in Hong Kong is that you’ll be able to afford a lot of luxury because your unit will be much smaller. This is no joke either, as some of the micro-flats in this city have insanely extravagant furniture as well as general home appliances. So, if you’re looking for an upscale living experience for an affordable price in a great location, these flats are the best option for you.

The location is one of the benefits of micro-apartments in Hong Kong

One of the best parts about having a micro-apartment is the fact that they are usually located in a new building and in a great location. Typically, micro-apartments aren’t to be found in a suburban areas and in places where there are many family homes. They are built in the central areas and in the proximity of business centers. This way, you can find another way to save up. Namely, you won’t be spending a lot of money commuting and paying for the transport.

Maintenance of Hong Kong’s micro-apartments is a piece of cake

Do you dread the cleaning day as much as we do? That one day a week when you need to clean your entire living space sometimes just seems like a waste of time, especially if you need to do it on your day off. But, the proper hygiene of your living space is crucial to good health and happy life. However, when the cleaning time comes, we still curse every square inch of our home. Well, with micro-apartments in Hong Kong, cleaning your home is easy and fast! In addition to this, the overall maintenance of your flat will be much easier the smaller it is.

Putting coins in a piggy bank
Save up buy living in a micro-apartment

Free yourself from all the clutter

Benefits of living in a micro-apartment cover more aspects of your life than just the financial one. One of the main advantages is that you’ll be forced to get rid of some things that generally clutter your home. Nowadays, we’re all hoarding a bit more than we actually need, which makes no sense. Since today’s world is fast-paced, tons of baggage usually complicate things. So, getting rid of most of them is definitely a plus! However, if you really need some extra space from time to time, you can use SMART storage services in Hong Kong and get the best of both worlds. Fewer items to clutter your life and additional space, at affordable rates, in case you need it.

Relocate your home with ease

Decluttering your home in order to fit it into one of the micro-apartments in Hong Kong is liberating, but it will also make your future life easier! Imagine you get a better job offer after living in your tiny flat for a year, and you need to move somewhere else. With so few belongings, you’ll be able to move out of Hong Kong stress-free and without having to pack a thousand belongings. Even if you decide to move to another micro-apartment then, your belongings will still be safely stored.

A beige living room in an apartment.
When living in a small space, you’ll have less stuff to move in case you need to relocate.

Reducing the impact on the environment

Finally, living in a smaller space will reduce your carbon footprint! So, if you’re looking to decrease your impact on the environment, smaller flats are the way to go. Since you’ll be living in a more compact space, all of your waste will also decline. This benefit of micro-apartments in Hong Kong is becoming more and more sought after as younger generations are trying to improve the health of our planet. Even though it’s last, this should definitely not be the least of the advantages of living small.

How to maximize the space when living in a micro-apartment?

One of the best ways is to look for an apartment with a window. Most of these don’t have it but try choosing the one that does. That way, it will look much larger. Then, think of built-in furniture. With moving service Hong Kong, you can transfer a bed that is also a drawer, or couch which can become a bed. All this will maximize your space and you will have everything you need.

As you can see there are many benefits of renting or buying smaller apartments. However, these benefits don’t suit everyone so make sure you know what you need and what you can live without. But, whether you’d like an excellent real estate opportunity, a good investment or just to reduce your impact on the environment, micro-apartments in Hong Kong are the right choice!

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