Benefits of Moving to a Warmer Climate

So, you’re ready to leave the cold weather behind and move to a place with more sunny days? Or you’ve decided to relocate for a job? In the end, it doesn’t really matter what reasons you have for moving to a warmer climate, because it can be very beneficial to you. There are many advantages to living in places where the sun is shining brightly almost every day, and this guide will show you some of them.

Health benefits of moving to a warmer climate

Moving to a warmer climate will bring many benefits to your health. Even if you aren’t a fan of the heath and sun, your body is. You will realize that right after the adjustment period to the warmer weather.  Let’s look at some of the benefits your health will have from moving to a warmer climate.

The healing power of the sun

Our body produces vitamin D in contact with sunshine. It is very important for our body, and vitamin D deficiency can create serious health problems. After moving to a warmer climate with many sunny days, you will realize the big changes in your health. You will feel more energetic and in a much better mood. These are only the visual effects of the increased vitamin D. It is very beneficial to your bones, your heart and your blood pressure. Vitamin D is also a booster for the immune system, so your body will be more resistant to viruses and bacteria.

Woman laying on the grass and enjoying the perks of moving to a warmer climate.
Exposure to the sun for only 15 minutes a day can start these great changes in your body.

The sun is a natural stress-healer

After the dull and cold weather, the first rays of spring sunshine instantly make us happy. The level of melatonin or the “sleep hormone” decreases when you expose your body to the sun rays. That is why we feel more awake and filled with energy. The serotonin level is increasing, which is the reason why we feel happy when the sun is shining.

That is why the sunny days are the perfect antidepressive and stress-reliever. The lack of sufficient sunshine during the cold and gloomy months makes us more depressed and melancholic.

Moving to a warmer climate will raise our mood and make us happier. That’s why the sun is a great cure for stress. When you’re coping with relocation stress, take some time every day to take a short walk on the sunny afternoons.

A woman sitting in the sun on a bench.
It will make you more relaxed and give you the energy to tackle the rest of the moving tasks.

You will be spending more time outdoors

Even the biggest couch potatoes can’t resist the alluring power of the sunny day. It is a waste to spend a beautiful day cooped up inside.
When the weather is snowy, rainy, foggy and cold most people prefer to stay inside. That kind of weather kills our will to go out and it’s ideal only for sleeping and watching favorite TV shows. It takes great will power to get out of the house in our free time when it’s freezing outside.
On the contrary, on a sunny day, we can’t wait to seize the day and enjoy the great outdoors.

Also, there are so many outdoor options for you to do when moving to a warmer climate rather than a cold city. The nice weather will lure you out of the house. That means that you’ll be more active even when you’re just enjoying a drink with your friends on the fresh air.

If you’re relocating with family, it will be much easier to prepare your kids for moving. All the possibilities that warm weather brings will make them more excited and acceptive of the move.

The relocation benefits

This may haven’t even crossed your mind, but moving to a warmer climate will also make your move much easier.

  • Easier packing – You’ll pack your home much quicker when you don’t have to bring all the heavy winter gear with you. It doesn’t make sense to relocate something that you can not use at your new home. If you don’t wish to sell or donate these items, the best solution is to rent a storage unit. Pack and organize your storage unit and leave the key to some trusty friend so somebody can check it out from time to time.
  • Cheaper moving costs – When you have fewer belongings, your relocation will be more affordable. The total weight of your shipment is the base for calculating moving costs, so the lighter shipment means cheaper move. When you don’t have to pack heavy winter gear, you will be taking off a lot of pounds from the total weight of your shipment, but also a lot of dollars from your moving bill.
  • No moving season – In the places with distinctive seasons, the autumn and winter are the months of the off-season for moving companies. Since the business is low, moving companies offer many discounts on their services. While it’s much cheaper to move off-season, harsh weather conditions will make relocation much harder. Moving to a place that has a warm climate all year, means that you can find affordable movers at any time of year. Since the weather doesn’t change drastically, the movers have to compete for business by lowering their prices. That way, you can hire reliable professional movers at a very affordable price.
Man cleaning snow with a snow blower.
Leaving winter gear behind will cut your moving costs significantly.

Economic benefits of moving to a warmer climate

  • Lower home maintenance cost – Trying to keep your home warm over the cold months can be a big financial burden. Besides the high bills for heat, there are also the costs of isolating your home against any repairs that a blizzard or a hailstorm can cause. When you’re moving to a warmer climate, you don’t have to worry about any those things. The utility bills and maintenance of your home will be so much lower.
  • No winter gear –Shoveling snow will become a thing of the past when you relocate to a place with a warm climate. All the heavy and expensive specialized winter equipment you can leave behind. There will also be no need for winterizing your car or buying expensive waterproof boots, coats, and other winter gear.
  • More employment options – Areas that have warm weather attract tourists throughout the whole year. Where the tourist industry is blooming, so are the other business. Moving to a warmer climate is a great chance for starting a profitable business or finding a great job opportunity. The unemployment rate in the warm cities is very low, you can easily find employment.

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