Benefits of placing your car in self storage

The car is a part of the moving inventory that causes headaches for many people. You only have two options when moving it, either take it with you or leave it behind. Taking it with you when moving can make you spend a fortune on transporting it while selling it in a hurry can make you sell it for less than it’s worth. But there is a third, less obvious option, which is putting your car into storage until you decide what to do with it. All your items can be moved with the movers HK, but moving a car can be a bigger expense than you can afford. Placing your car in self-storage has many benefits, so let’s see the reasons why it could be a good decision.

What are the benefits of placing your car in self storage?

Self-storage means that you rent a space in the warehouse of Kwun Tong storage companies, and they keep your items safe for the desired period of time. Clutter is something that often ends up in these units, but cars can also. They are bulky, difficult to transport and both expensive to move and buy. People often have tied sentiments to cars as well, so there’s one more reason to think about the benefits of placing your car in self storage. Some of the major ones are:

  • More time to make a final decision
  • An extra parking spot for others to use
Picture of a red car in inside a tall building
Many people can’t abandon their cars

More time for decision-making

Moving comes with a long list of decisions. You will want to make that list shorter, and having to think about your car will be an additional headache. When pressed for time, people usually decide on the most painless choice, selling the car, since car shipping HK might not be the most affordable choice. You can expect to pay from $0.50 to $2 per mile, depending on the distance covered. But you will regret making such a big decision in a hurry. Putting a car up for storage will give you time to think, once the hectic period of moving has passed.

Extra parking spot for others

Life in a big city means living in a small area with many other people. Nowadays, everybody owns a car, so there is always a shortage of parking spaces for all these cars. But some don’t have another choice but to go around their area at various times to find a parking spot. Apart from the gas spent, this also contributes to air pollution. One empty parking spot thanks to self-storage might not seem like much, but if more people did this, there would be more space. Many people don’t even use their cars, but instead of selling or storing them, they keep them for months without moving them from the spot. If you see yourself here, please think about the other options available and make a difference.

Picture of a dark, empty parking lot
Some of the benefits of placing your car in self storage are indirectly affecting the pollution of the air

Conclusion on the benefits of placing your car in self storage

The benefits of placing your car in self storage are numerous, and you can get it for as little as $45 a month. But usually the lower the price compared to others, the more care you should take. A price range from $100 to $450 a month is acceptable, which you might already pay for parking if you don’t have a yard. So do yourself and your car a favor when moving to Canada from Hong Kong, and give self storage facilities a chance. Good luck!

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