Best of Hong Kong nightlife – top 10 clubs to visit

Hong Kong draws many people from around the world to come and experience it in its best light. Many people come to Hong Kong to advance or pursue business careers, while others come for education. Those who don’t plan to settle or spend some time here, still come in great numbers as tourists. Whatever is your reason, you will surely enjoy your time here. Grabbing a drink in one of the great bars and clubs is a great way to relieve all the stress from moving. Consulting and hiring local movers HK is a great way to make things much easier and round up the process more quickly. You will be able to relax only if you know nothing is left undone. When you’re sure everything is in place, you should check some of the places from our list. Here are the top 10 clubs to visit in Hong Kong.

Where you’ll find top 10 clubs to visit

You’ll find most of the nightclubs and bars located in the Lan Kwai Fong district on Hong Kong Island. However, the nightlife is not strictly localized and you can also find many great places in Knutsford Terrace in Kowloon District as well. Before we get straight to the top 10 clubs to visit in Hong Kong, you should know that nightlife offers many different ways to spend the night. That’s why we won’t rank them in any way relative to each other as they don’t aim to provide the same type of experience. While there are many clubs where you can just lose yourself dancing, there are also other, quieter places. Whatever is your preference, you’ll find many bars and clubs to enjoy after relocating to Hong Kong.

rock band concert
The Hong Kong nightlife scene offers much you can discover.

Make sure you settle in before going out

If you are moving on your own, you must prepare the right way and make sure you didn’t forget anything. Relaxing and chasing fun is better when everything is in order. On the other hand, hiring a local moving company Hong Kong will help speed up the process. Entrusting professionals with the move can be beneficial in many ways because they are experienced and better prepared for the local ground.

Making contact with local movers can be especially beneficial if you are relocating to Hong Kong from US. You will have a hard time navigating through the city on your own, and professionals can help you out. This way you’ll be set and ready to start exploring the city. Here’s what we recommend.

Rooftop bars in Kowloon and the night view

Rooftop bars are a finer and a bit more expensive option when you want to get out for a drink. You will be amazed by the stunning view you can get from Kowloon. The imagery captures the Hong Kong beautiful skyline you can observe from the best tables. Catching the view at night is enhanced by amazing light shows, characteristic of Hong Kong.

Eyebar is one of the places you should check out if you want to enjoy the view. It has an open balcony where you can enjoy your drink in the open air. It’s one of the most popular places with tourists.

Another great rooftop place is Ozone, which has a similar concept. However, the biggest difference is that has glass walls and no tables in the open. While you can still see everything clearly, it will be different from being in the open air. On the other hand, it’s probably a better option for bad weather.

hong kong light show
The night view from the rooftop bars easily places them on the list of top 10 clubs to visit.

Bars and pubs at Knutsford Terrace

The next place you should check out for a taste of Hong Kong’s nightlife is the Knutsford Terrace in Tsim Sha Tsui part of Kowloon. It’s closed for vehicles and only pedestrians can access it. Many pubs and clubs are located here and if you like something louder but still casual, this is the place.

You shouldn’t miss visiting The China Bar here if you like a cozy beer that you can enjoy with live music. Don’t get surprised if it’s always crowded because the whole street is always busy.

Arena Bar by Zerve is another great pub you should visit. With beer pong and billiard tables and darts inside, it is a great place for a fun night out with friends. Surrounded by movie posters on the walls, it adds to the special atmosphere you’ll find here while chatting with friends over a drink.

If you’re into gaming and e-sports, you shouldn’t miss The Ring Esport Bar. Its whole setup is built around gaming consoles. Not a typical place for a Saturday wild night, but don’t be surprised if it’s crowded.

tsim sha tsui skyline
Tsim Sha Tsui seems like a busy tall district, while Knutsford Terrace is a nightlife oasis hidden inside.

Nightclubs on Hong Kong Island – rounding up the list of top 10 clubs to visit

Hong Kong Island is famous for many nightclubs that are located here. Unlike other places on the list from Kowloon, these are more standard nightclubs. Make no mistake though, as this doesn’t make them any less interesting to visit. One of the most popular places to visit here is called Iron Fairies. The inside is decorated with tiny iron fairies that are spread all around the place. Other places you shouldn’t miss are Slide on 79 and Gough’s. These places don’t appear as if they stand out too much, but going to one of these for a drink will give you a night to remember.

A little bit different from the rest of the places mentioned, there’s another that stands out a little bit. You’ll find Wahtiki Island Lounge, true to its Hawaiian theme. If you like cheerful music and excellent cocktails, this is the place you should visit.

Lan Kwai Fong is the main party place on Hong Kong Island. It’s famous for the Halloween party that takes place in the bars in the district, but also on the streets in between. You should find masks close to LKF which you can buy in case you came unprepared. The whole district is one big party and easily deserves a place on our list of top 10 clubs to visit in Hong Kong.

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