Best restaurants in Hong Kong-2022 edition

If you are a fan of nice cuisine, you should consider trying Chinese food. Famous for their uniqueness and style, restaurants in Hong Kong are becoming increasingly popular in 2022. If you want to visit some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong, you can hire a moving company Hong Kong to take you there. You will have an opportunity to taste one of the best foods in the world and enjoy people’s hospitality. Read our list of some of this year’s most popular Chinese restaurants.

#1 Agora restaurant offers a popular mix of Chinese and Spanish cuisine

Located in Tai Kwun, Agora is a popular mixture of Chinese and Spanish traditional flavors. Here, you can try “the Txuleta”, or a meat chop that features a bone-in rack of Spanish beef. Moreover, “the Pil Pil” is a cod confit dish, traditionally prepared with olive oil, garlic, and chili peppers.  It is usually served along with Kokotxas, which is a stewed cod tongue. If you like to try spicy food, mixed with Spanish taste, some of the best international movers Hong Kong will be glad to bring you to this place.

Chinese meal served in one the best restaurants in Hong Kong
Chinese spices mixed with Spanish beef make an unforgettable taste


#2 Kicho is one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong in 2022

If you want to try the best chicken in the world, you will get the chance after relocating to Hong Kong. “Kuro Satsuma chicken” is famous for its tenderness and rich flavor. Try a classic “Yakitori Tsukune”, or a chicken meatball. Kicho is a unique omakase-style restaurant that will make a strong influence on you. Moreover, all chicken dishes go along with seasonal vegetables and clear, collagen-rich chicken broth.

#3 Enjoy seafood at Bar Bleu

“Bar Bleu” is a fine dining place with great seafood dishes, inspired by French cuisine. This restaurant is serving oysters topped with cucumber vinaigrette and watermelon granita. Furthermore, this is the place where the ocean truly shines. You can pick from snow crab tagliatelle, charred octopus, and salmon with gremolata. Are getting hungry already? Then start packing your bags, and visit Bar Bleu today.

Chinese seafood on a wooden plate
The best restaurants in Hong Kong offer the most delicious seafood dishes you are ever going to try

#4 Chinesology is a real Garden of Eden

This expansive space features Chinese oriental gardens and colorful accents, combined with complex dishes. The famous dish is “The Oolong Tea Smoked Chicken”, air-dried and tea-smoked for two nights. Other famous dishes include Preserved Plum Mousse, Cherry Dressing, and Plum Mousse encircled with hawthorn jelly. Enjoy this heaven on earth, while at the same time gazing at the Panoramic view of Victoria Harbour.

Final words

Hong Kong is one of the most diverse capitals in the world when it comes to food. It’s no doubt that it offers a wide range of dishes and meals for everyone. It is hard to choose one of the so many best restaurants in Hong Kong. Therefore, this short list should help you decide about the place you will like. Even though it depends on your taste and interests, one thing is sure. You will not remain indifferent to any Chinese restaurant you visit.

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