Best rooftop bars in Hong Kong

Only sky is the limit at Hong Kong’s highest bars, clubs, and restaurants! Did you know that some of the rooftop bars in Hong Kong are constantly being voted as one of the best in the world? Because of this, we wanted to introduce to you some of the most popular rooftop bars. We’ll inform you about their opening hours, dress code, pictures, maps and much more. All you have to do is scroll down and find the rooftop bar you like the most!

The brief overview of Hong Kong

Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong
Victoria Harbour is one of the most popular tourist attractions in HK.

There is no doubt that Hong Kong is the perfect rooftop city! But there’s more to Hong Kong. Skyscrapers, lots of luxurious hotels, great restaurants, are only some of the things that make Hong Kong such an amazing city. Because of this, many people choose to relocate right here! Even businessmen choose to hire reliable office movers Hong Kong to relocate their offices in one of those breath-stopping skyscrapers. Just imagine working in one of those offices!

Whoever sets their foot in Hong Kong, falls in love with it immediately. And, it’s no wonder that this happens to everyone since Hong Kong has it all. This amazing metropolis has many names – the fashion capital of Asia, Asia’s Hollywood and the Pearl of the Orient are only some of them. So, whether you plan to just visit it or you want to relocate here, we’re sure you’ll have a wonderful time.

Why are rooftop bars in Hong Kong so popular?

One of the reasons why people love rooftop bars in Hong Kong is because its skyline is legendary! The buildings are so tall, the climate is warm, and the people here are so friendly! This is exactly the atmosphere that you’ll get when visiting one of these bars. You should know that every bar is unique in its own way but all of them have one thing in common. The view! We can try to help you picture it but it’s better to see for yourself how mesmerizing it is. This is why people love these places. There’s nothing like chilling with your friends on top of Hong Kong!

Top three rooftop bars in Hong Kong

Are you ready to find out which are the best rooftop bars? Below are listed five bars for which we’re sure you are going to love! Who knows, after visiting them you just might wish to hire a relocation company Hong Kong and move here to be able to spend more time looking at Hong Kong’s skyline.


If you want to chill on a rooftop bar and eat some of the best-grilled dishes, then Alto is the right choice. This is a venue of infinite beauty, and with the stunning views across Victoria Harbour. Its design features influences of the elements of stone, wood, fire, and water. Even though this amazing bar is known for its steaks and American beef cuts, a lot of the visitors also enjoy eating their sushi. Therefore, if you’re not the biggest fan of grill, you’ll have plenty of other options to choose from. In addition to this, the staff is very friendly and highly professional. They’ll be happy to help you choose your dish when eating here. Needless to say, you’re going to be in safe hands when eating at Alto!

Hong Kong skyline
At Alto, you can eat at one of the best restaurants in HK and enjoy the view.

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse has probably the best location of all the rooftop restaurants in Hong Kong. It is located right in the heart of Wan Chai, at the 31st floor of the Hennessy building that offers a magical view of Wan Chai, Happy Valley, and Victoria Harbour. The Wooloomooloo restaurant is a steakhouse with lots of fantastic dishes for meat lovers. However, there are more options if you decide to skip on the steakhouse. There are lots of interesting cocktails and, of course, tasty wines. The interior is very interesting. Here, you might get the feeling that you have just walked in some of the best art galleries in Hong Kong! This rooftop bar has an easy-going and vibrant atmosphere, so make sure to check it out!

A steak from one of the best rooftop bars in Hong Kong
If you want to eat the best steak in HK, head to Wooloomooloo!


CÉ LA VI Hong Kong is a large restaurant and bar, spanning over three floors above Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong Central. Up here you can find both a modern Asian-inspired indoor restaurant, along with Club Lounge and, of course, rooftop bar – Sky Deck. The Sky Deck has recently been renovated so now it’s more stylish than ever! It’s no wonder why so many people get amazed once they step inside CÉ LA VI. Here, it’s all about the atmosphere! This is why the Sky Deck’s terrace actually has a jacuzzi that can be used by all guests if they feel like it. There’s no need in telling you how amazing the view is. Can you just imagine drinking your favorite cocktail during popular Hong Kong festivals and events and looking at fireworks? Trust us, this is something you have to experience!

So, have you found your top rooftop bar in Hong Kong?

There you have it, these are our choices for the top three rooftop bars in Hong Kong! We have to say that choosing the best out of best was hard for us but we made it! In case you want to suggest some cool and hip rooftop bar in HK, let us know! Feel free to comment and tell us more about your favorite rooftop bars. Together, we can create an even better list of the most popular rooftop bars in amazing Hong Kong!


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