Best ways to move and store tools in Hong Kong

There is always something to do or fix in your new home after relocation with Hong Kong movers and packers. Maybe you will need to assemble furniture or a shelf. To do this, you will need your tools with you. For this reason, when you are preparing for a move, you should pack and move your tools with you to a new home. Tools come in various shapes and sizes. Therefore, packing tools can be a little bit complicated. But, here are the best tips to move and store tools in Hong Kong.

How to move and store tools in Hong Kong?

A garage is often the last room in a home to pack. The main reason is that garage is mostly overstuffed with tools in different sizes, shapes, heaviness, sharpness, etc. Tools are not so simple to pack as clothes. However, tools are very useful when you want to remodel your Hong Kong apartment on a budget. For this reason, you should definitely move them to your new home as you never know when you will need them. Packing tools is not hard if you are following the next steps:

  • Sort out your tools
  • Get packing supplies
  • Drain oil and gas from all power tools

You must sort out tools before packing them

The first step in moving your tools when relocating to Hong Kong is to sort them out. If you already keep your tools sorted out in your garage, you can skip this step. But, if your tools are all piled up in one place, then you should start right now. First, you need to decide which tools you want to take with you and which ones will stay behind. After you decide, you should divide your tools into piles of hand, power, garden tools, etc.

sorted silver and blue metal tools before you move and store tools in Hong Kong
You need to sort out your tools

How to pack your hand tools?

The best packing supply for your hand tools is a toolbox. This is the best option also when you want to store your hand tools in a storage unit Hong Kong. However, if you don’t have a toolbox anymore, you should then get a medium-sized cardboard box or plastic container. Tools that have some sort of blades or sharp edges should be first wrapped with bubble wrapping and secured with packing tape. Additionally, you shouldn’t put too many tools in one box as the box might break under the weight.

Move and store tools in Hong Kong including power tools

It’s almost the same process as packing hand tools. There are a few additional steps in packing power tools. You should use the original packaging of the tool. But, if you don’t have it, you can use the same packing supplies as for hand tools. The next step is to detach the removable part and drain the oil. Useful but not the essential step is to remove the rust from power tools.

person holding power tool
Draining oil from power tools is a step to move and store tools in Hong Kong

Don’t forget to wrap tools that have sharp edges

The most important tip to move and store tools in Hong Kong would be to wrap any tool that has a blade or potentially sharp edge with bubble wrapping. This is important so you don’t get injured during packing or your tools get damaged. Also, you should always use original boxes for packing your tools.

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