Budget-friendly packing hacks

Excited about your upcoming move? You’re already imagining drinking your morning coffee in your brand new home? Wouldn’t it be great if you could skip directly to relaxation and fun instead of worrying about packing and unpacking? Packing, especially if you are a bit of a hoarder, can quite honestly be the worst part of trip planning. If you are one, we suggest that you hire long term storage Hong Kong to ease your moving process. After many years of travelling and being in the moving industry, we have come to know a thing or two about budget-friendly packing. Having a list of good packing hacks can help minimize the stress that can come with packing, and hopefully leave you feeling less anxious before your move. So, we’ll gladly share our best packing tips and tricks with you in the next few paragraphs.

Budget-friendly packing tips; packing a suitcase
Getting good at smart packing will take some time.

Top 5 budget-friendly packing hacks

Without further ado, here are some of our best packing tips for budget-friendly packing:

  1. Packing cubes. The hottest trend these days. With packing cubes you are able to turn one big suitcase into eight tiny suitcases. Packing cubes are these individual zipped pouches, usually made of mesh or polyester. They are perfect for storing socks, underwear, dirty laundry, toiletries or anything else you want to keep separate. Not to mention that you are able to get these cubes for cheap too. There are some on the market that sell for less than $10. If you need to pack your jewelry and valuables, read this article on how to pack jewelry for a move and how to protect it.
  2. Get a universal charging station. If you own a lot of gadgets that you want to bring with you, this is a must. You don’t have to get a new charger or a new hairdryer, just buy a universal charging station and your life will be much easier.
  3. Scan or photograph all your important documents. Whenever you are travelling or moving, always have all your documents scanned in your phone and on your drive disk or cloud. Visit this link for more about storing your documents safely. Put your passport, ID and other important documents into zip-lock plastic bags.
  4. Roll your clothes. To avoid checking in multiple suitcases, always roll your clothes tightly so that you can fit as much stuff clothes into one suitcase.
  5. Avoid checking a bag. If you are moving, we suggest that you hire reliable movers like movers Hong Kong so that you can avoid checking in multiple bags. Contrary to the popular belief, hiring movers will be cheaper and safer and less stress-free than moving everything and buying the necessary materials on your own.

How to pack up and move your furniture on a budget

A working desk and a chair
Opting for budget-friendly packing for furniture comes with a lot of challenges.

If you want to move for cheap, we suggest that you ditch some of your old and unnecessary furniture. Sometimes, the most budget-friendly packing tip for furniture is to sell all your furniture and then buy a few cheaper pieces. This is because moving materials and shipping overseas is pretty expensive. However, there are companies that offer more affordable rates. If you are shipping furniture to Hong Kong, you can get a pretty decent rate with our Hong Kong movers.

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