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January 14, 2021

Fun post-move winter activities in Beijing

There are a lot of great post-move winter activities in Beijing that you can engage in with your family. After ...

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December 7, 2020

A guide to downsizing for retirement in Hong Kong

You have decided to move to Hong Kong because you want to retire and that is terrific news! It is ...

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November 24, 2020

How much money to save to move from Hong Kong to Beijing

China is a beautiful country. Hong Kong and Beijing are very different cities, but they both have their unique history. ...

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November 8, 2020

Ways to keep your storage in Hong Kong clean and tidy

Are you looking for ways to keep your storage in Hong Kong clean? You’re just in the right place! International ...

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October 26, 2020

Retiring in Hong Kong – what to expect?

People are moving all the time in search of better job positions, higher salaries, or lower costs of living. People ...

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October 16, 2020

How to upgrade your rental in Hong Kong

Living in a rented apartment is a reality for most people. The truth is, if you want to live in ...

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October 10, 2020

Organizing a household move from Beijing to Hong Kong

When you are organizing a household move from Beijing to Hong Kong, there are some things you will need to ...

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September 16, 2020

Real estate investments in Hong Kong

Investing in real estate is the smart thing to do if you have the means. However, real estate investments in ...

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September 10, 2020

Top 5 traits of a good real estate agent in Hong Kong

If you are looking for a good real estate agent in Hong Kong, we can help you find them. Having ...

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August 28, 2020

Guide to starting a business in Hong Kong

The dynamic economic situation in Hong Kong provides for a great breeding ground for small businesses. If you are looking ...

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