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As you probably already know, preparation is one of the main things that will determine the course of your relocation. So, there’s no need for telling you how staying organized during the move is important. Since there are so many tasks you’ll have to take care of before the move, you should write them all down. This way, you’ll make sure you won’t forget about a single thing. And, it’s funny how people forget to take care of some big and obvious things because of the moving day madness. For example, most people forget to take care of the change of address! No matter how silly this might seem to you, this can be a big problem once you relocate. Therefore, we have created a guide to fill you in on who you need to give a heads up to about your upcoming move! Just keep reading it.

Change of address – Household relocation edition

Moving home from one place to the other is a big endeavor. Even though it’s not as stressful as moving an office, this type of relocation has its own challenges. And, moving all your belongings safe and sound to your new home is only one of them! You have to clean, pack, get SMART storage Hong Kong, prepare mentally for the big day… Having all these unfinished tasks, notifying people about the change of address might seem like an unimportant thing to do. But, that is not true. Notifying people you’ll be living on the other address is of the utmost importance.

Keys on a key chane
Moving to the new home comes with small and big tasks you’ll have to take care of before the relocation.

Apart from notifying friends and family members that you’re moving, you have to contact other people, too. Make sure to get in touch with the right people if you want to make this process harder and last longer. So, where should you start? Who to notify first about the change of address of your home?

Public offices and Government agencies

One of the most important on our list is the Post Office. This won’t be a hard thing to do since you can change your address online in less than 5 minutes. After you change it, all your mail will be forwarded to your new home. If you have enough time, do this before the big move. This way you won’t be dealing with lost mail and bills. However, keep in mind that there are more Public offices and Government agencies you’ll have to contact. Here are only some of them:

  • Federal IRS 
  • Social Security (SSA)
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
  • Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Federal and State Pension Benefits offices
  • Unemployment Insurance office
  • County tax assessment office
  • Voter Registration, and many others.
Four black mailboxes
In case you forget to change your address, you’ll face potential problems like missed bills or service lapses.

Utilities and services you should contact because of the change of address

Notify your local utilities as soon as you decide to move. First, find reliable domestic movers Hong Kong, and then start notifying. Trust us, the sooner you do this, the better. There’s no reason for spending money on paying for services in an unoccupied home. Therefore, you should keep in mind that it might take your electricity providers more than 48 hours to update the information. Plan this step carefully! And, make sure to update your change of address with all of your utility providers, such as:

  • Telephone
  • Television provider
  • Internet provider
  • Gas utility
  • Water Department
  • Garbage/recycling services
  • Sewer utility

In case you have hired people to help you maintain your property, you should cancel their services before getting SMART packing services Hong Kong and the relocation. However, if you’re moving just a few blocks away, you might be able to hire them to help you with your new property. It’s also necessary to update your address with anyone else who might need to contact you or send you something through the post such as accountants, solicitors, or tenants. Post from these people is in most cases important and, potentially, private. Make sure it doesn’t get lost in the post after you move to your new home.

Notify financial services about the change of address

Most people have switched from getting their financial statements in paper to getting them on their email. However, even if you have switched entirely to Internet banking, some financial services still like to use paper. This way, you should make sure they have both your home address and your email address, correct. So, here’s with whom you’ll want to get in touch:

  • Banks
  • Credit card companies
  • Paypal
  • Insurance agencies
  • Pension plans and IRA administrators
  • Accountant or Tax specialist
  • Investment brokers and advisors
A calculator on a paper and a pen
In case anything comes up, you’ll want to be sure all your banks and insurance companies have the new address of your home.


But don’t forget about…

As you can see, the list is quite long! Those who are listed above are the ones you should contact first. However, don’t forget about telling different institutions and organizations that you’re moving. This goes for your children’s schools and universities, clubs in which you’re a loyal member, church, attorney offices, medical clinics, and so on. There’s no need for listing all of them. You should take some free time and write down all of the important institutions you’ll have to contact. This will give you an idea of how much time you’re going to need for getting in touch with all of them.

Even though you’re in the middle of a moving day madness, don’t let the stress get to you! Moving from one place to the other is a new chapter in your life. It might seem frightening at first, but it’s actually exciting. Take care of all the small pre-move tasks, such as change of address as fast as you can. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your new home and start new adventures the moment you relocate!

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