Common misconceptions about living in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most visited cities in the world. There are many things that you can see and enjoy during your stay. However, not everybody wants just to visit. There are people that want to live here. But first, before you start relocating to Hong Kong, you want to know everything about it. We want to give you a list of the most common misconceptions about living in Hong Kong. You should be aware of everything that may come to you!

Here are common misconceptions about living in Hong Kong

  • Nothing but skyscrapers
  • Everybody is living in small apartments
  • No wildlife

Nothing but skyscrapers

A common misunderstanding about living in Hong Kong is that Hong Kong is all about tall buildings. This is something that many people discourage to move here. Even though this is a fact to some extent, we can’t say that this is true. Almost half of Hong Kong’s area is about nature. There are numerous nature parks and reserves that you can visit and see. Now that you see that buildings are just a part of Hong Kong, you can start making your plans with reliable movers HK. Make sure that you experience this city to the fullest!

buildings are not everything when living in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is not all about concrete!

Everybody is living in small apartments

Another common thought about people that live in Hong Kong is that they all live in small apartments. When you see the most pictures of Hong Kong, you only see buildings so we understand why you may think like this too. However, this is not fully true. There are various places in Hong Kong where people actually live in houses. Those are big communities where you could buy your new home in Hong Kong. Just make sure that you are fully aware of the real estate market here. It is quite expensive so you should not expect to find something for a small amount of money.

No wildlife

Another misconception about life in Hong Kong is that there is no wildlife, only people. But, this can’t be far away from the truth. If you take just one 30-minute ferry life, you will see everything that Hong Kong has to offer to you. There are white sand beaches where you will see all kinds of life. Even though this is not the first thing that you will see in the picture, you should know that you are so close to nature that you can spend some time and recharge when you need it.

a yellow tiger
Wildlife is closer to you than you think

Relocate to Hong Kong now and live the life you want!

People that live in a different culture usually have stereotypes about living in Hong Kong. But, you can see that there is much more than you see on social media. Life here is like anywhere else so you should start making plans with your international movers Hong Kong. Make sure that you settle in, adapt to the lifestyle, and enjoy your life to the fullest!

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