Cultural differences to prepare for when moving to USA from Hong Kong

If you decided to move abroad it is a really huge decision and you need to prepare well for it. Especially if moving from one continent to another. This can come as a great excitement but also as a great surprise. You will need to adjust to many different customs of the country you are moving to. It can be quite a challenge to move from one big culture to another, particularly if you spent many years and made many friends in your current country of residence Hong Kong. Moving company Hong Kong will also be of great help once you start with your moving preparations. This can also be an overwhelming experience especially if this is your first time moving to a new long-distance country. Therefore, read this guide and discover cultural differences to prepare for when moving to USA from Hong Kong.

Make an accommodation preparation first

When moving to completely new surroundings, you will need to prepare for it in each and every possible way. Since you have chosen to move from Hong Kong to the USA, there are many things that you need to pay attention to. As it is almost inevitable to feel nostalgia, you need to get to know your future destination as much as possible. When moving from Hong Kong to USA you will need to find proper accommodation. For this reason, you need to explore well all the housing options in the state that you choose to be your future home.

a house in the sunset
You might move to a smaller city than Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the biggest cities in the world. So if you are moving to some smaller place, this can also come as a great cultural shock. Especially if you are not used to seeing so many familiar places.

How else should you prepare

Ideally, it would be best to go and visit your future country of residence before you officially move there. However, since there is a great distance between Hong Kong and the USA this might not be possible. Instead, if you have some friends or relatives, you can contact them and ask about the neighborhood, stores, healthcare system, etc. In addition, you will need to learn about getting proper documentation, such as a visa or residence permit. Before hiring moving services Hong Kong, you need to learn about utilities, transportation, and taxes that you will have to pay. There will be many other challenges that you will need to overcome. Among them are the environmental and cultural differences that you need to prepare for. Therefore, give yourself enough time to explore and prepare for everything. Once you have enough information, you can move on with your preparations.

Cultural differences to prepare for when moving to USA from Hong Kong

Speaking about Hong Kong and the USA, there are many cultural differences that you will face. In general, these two cultures are completely different from each other. There are many reasons why you will need to learn the differences between different cultures. First of all, you will overcome the differences more easily.

cultural differences that people prepare for when moving to USA from Hong Kong
There are some similarities between the nations as well

It is also good to know about all the similarities between countries. For example, both Chinese and Americans have the same motivation regarding money and providing comfort for their family members. Also, job satisfaction and security are among the similar priorities for both nations. Before hiring movers and packers Hong Kong, you need to learn that Chinese society is about groups. On the other hand, Americans celebrate individuals. China celebrates the success of the team, the company, or the family. While in the US individuals shine.

No language, but the conversational barrier

One of the great things in Hong Kong is that English is the official second language that most companies usually praise and speak at work. Therefore, moving to the USA, there will not be a language barrier, since you exposed yourself to English already. However, one of the cultural differences to prepare for when moving to USA from Hong Kong is the way people communicate with each other. Some conversations in China may seem a bit too direct for the Americans and vice versa. In China, it is common to have small talk about income, age, or marital status. But when relocating to US, you may realize that Americans find this to be too personal. On the other hand, the Chinese may find the way the Americans communicate at work sometimes too direct. Therefore, think before you speak to avoid any misunderstandings.

Other cultural differences to prepare for when moving to USA from Hong Kong

One of the main differences between these two countries is the way people look at living with their seniors. In Hong Kong, they treat its seniors in a different way than Americans.

cultural differences to a grandma trying to prepare for when moving to USA from Hong Kong
In China, several generations live under the same roof

In China, a common thing is that several generations live under the same roof no matter their financial status. On the other hand, Americans tend to be more independent from their older generations. It may be a cultural shock if you find yourself living on your own in some American city, rather than living with your seniors in HK. In the US, older generations may live miles away from their offspring. In addition, there are much more daycare facilities in the US than in China. Chinese treat its seniors in a different way than the Americans do, honoring the dead even more.

Social structure in these two countries

In China, you can say that social structure is somewhat more formal and hierarchical than in the US. Chinese people know precisely where they are in the structure and there is no crossing in other areas. In the US it is not so formal and it is certainly looser. In America, its companies tend to have flatter structures. Their workers can easily access those at the top of the hierarchy. In China, on the other hand, people may not expect to have direct contact with their superiors. Before you opt for this international moving, you need to know that in both countries there is huge respect for the supervisors. In addition, people from the entire structure in both countries abide by the rules. Cultural differences to prepare for when moving to USA from Hong Kong is that the US is democratic, while China is a communist country.

Less vs. more space

Chinese people, especially in urban areas such as Hong Kong are somehow used to a lack of personal space. Because of its great number of people, its cities have a lot more people than the rest of the world.

a subway station
There are cultural differences to prepare for when moving to USA from Hong Kong

In China, it is busy everywhere. From transportation, cafes, and restaurants, to shopping malls. On the other hand, the US does not have as many people as China does and its residents simply need more distance and physical space. When packing your household for international move to the US, you have to know that the Americans tend to be more territorial. If you come too close in the line the average US citizen may feel uncomfortable. The same works for using public transportation. Therefore, do not worry as you will not have too many people coming too close to you when moving to the US.

Doing business in China and the US

When doing business in the US, it goes on a very different pace than in Hong Kong. Although Hong Kong is one of the richest cities in the world with different business options, Americans tend to focus more on speed. Time is money, so Americans will tend to do business more quickly than the Chinese. In the US people need to meet up constant deadlines when doing their tasks. When it comes to China, they will meet the deadline once they consider that they would finish the project. When moving out of Hong Kong, you need to know that the Chinese will prefer to build and foster business relationships before starting anything. In addition, Americans do not tend to socialize much with people from work. On the other hand, the Chinese may prefer some social gatherings when doing business, especially with new partners.

More cultural differences to prepare for when moving to USA from Hong Kong

In China, a great number of the population are mostly Chinese, while you can find some other nations living there. Since the great majority are Chinese, you can trace their roots back to ancient China. On the other hand, the US has always been a melting pot of diverse cultures and many different nations. When leaving Hong Kong you need to prepare that in the US you will live among different nations that come from all over the world. This is a great thing since you will have the chance to meet many new people.

a Chinese temple and a woman standing in front of it
In China, there are mostly Chinese people living there

Also, you will experience how it is doing business with other nations. Finally, you will make many new friends from all over the globe and will have a chance to get to know their cultures. In addition, you will have the chance to present your individualism more.

Cultural differences between Chinese and American universities

There are many cultural differences to prepare for when moving to USA from Hong Kong. Studying in the US and in China can be pretty different. For example, in the US, universities typically run from September to May and have two semesters. In China, the school year typically begins in September and runs until June or even July. Summer breaks last shorter, but in China, there are Lunar Holidays in January and February as well. If you are leaving Hong Kong after college to study further in the US, you can enroll further and get a Ph.D. degree and become a university professor. A major cultural difference is the use of the Internet in colleges. In China, the usage comes with more restrictions. While in the US, as a college student you will have full-time access to the Internet connection and be able to use it more.


This is one of the most interesting cultural differences to prepare for when moving to USA from Hong Kong. In China, in many different places, you can bargain to get a better price for some products.

two women looking at a piece of vegetable

And it is not only typical when buying groceries on the market. In addition, you can do that in the shopping streets as well. The Americans do not bargain in their everyday shopping communication. You will have to emotionally prepare for this when leaving Hong Kong. In the US, they will accept the final price when the seller sets it up. In China, you may save some money when buying souvenirs for example. You can also bargain on other products as well and this will be a completely usual thing. On the other hand, when moving to the US you will have plenty of sales in the shops.

Reasons for cultural differences to prepare for when moving to USA from Hong Kong

In general, when moving to another state you need to know that you will certainly sustain a cultural shock wherever you go. One of the best ways to prepare for it, it is to make sure that you give yourself enough time to read and discover as many facts about your future home country as possible. You will need many things to buy after your relocation to the US and so Amazon is one of the most popular retail sites where you can buy millions of things. Also, you need to understand that whatever is different in your new home country you have to treat with great respect. In, addition, try to be open-minded and tolerant as much as possible in the new environment. After all, you need to learn to enjoy living abroad and to use the full potential your new country is offering.

different flags waving in the sky
You will need to sustain cultural schock wherever you go

There are many cultural differences to prepare for when moving to USA from Hong Kong. You will encounter many differences living in the US. However, you may discover that there are also some similarities between the two nations so you will not be that much homesick and will enjoy your new life beginning.

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