Cultural differences you should prepare for when moving from UK to Hong Kong

Moving includes a lot of changes. Even the process of transferring from one home to another brings a lot of change. Once you move, everything will be different and new. If you used the services of ReloSmart movers Hong Kong to move abroad, you know what we are talking about. Every country has its culture, and usually the further away you move, the more differences you will face. But everyone’s culture is beautiful in its way, and it should be respected. If you live by this, you won’t have any problems no matter where you move. But before you start moving from UK to Hong Kong, you should learn about the cultural differences you can expect.

What to expect when moving from UK to Hong Kong

Movies may give you a general idea of how life is in China, but you won’t know certainly unless you move there. Chinese culture is one of the most beautiful and unique cultures, and you should feel honored to have the chance to experience it in person. By moving from UK to Hong Kong with the help of some international movers Hong Kong you will realize just how much these two cultures differ. Apart from their respect for the elders and tea-drinking culture, you will also experience:

  • Fast driving
  • No queues
  • People eating fast
Asian people in a meeting
These two cultures have a lot of differences

Fast driving

Since Hong Kong used to be a British colony, the side of the road they are driving on is the same. But the way of driving is completely different. Swerving in and out of lanes, cutting in front of other drivers and fast driving is a normal occurrences here. This might be quite a shock right after moving from UK to Hong Kong, but you will get used to it. It’s this driving that makes local drivers more proactive and attentive. As incredible as it sounds, you will feel safe on the road after relocating to Hong Kong from UK. And after some time, you will get used to it.

No queues

British people respect order, so queues are mandatory in the UK. That cannot be said for China. While it may be weird and annoying for foreigners, for Chinese people it is normal to be more assertive to get their spot. If you have never been pushy before, you might have to start being if you ever want to get your turn in the supermarket.

People eating fast

We all know that Chinese people are skinny. If you ever thought that it’s like that because they use chopsticks instead of cutlery and eat slowly, we have to disappoint you. It is quite normal in Hong Kong for locals to eat so fast, that you will wonder when they have time to breathe. You will also wonder why the majority of people use domestic movers Hong Kong for their relocations. The answer to both is that they have better things to do, and don’t want to waste time eating slow or moving by themselves. If you are a slow eater, get used to being left alone at the table, because Chinese people won’t wait for everyone to finish before standing up.

Man eating with chopsticks after moving from UK to Hong Kong
Fast eating is a normal occurrence in China

Conclusion on moving from UK to Hong Kong

As you can see, you can expect quite a few differences when moving from UK to Hong Kong. They might seem odd at first, but you will get used to them with time. You will even get to know your neighborhood and neighbors with enough time. Only then will you start enjoying your new surroundings. We wish you good luck adapting!

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