Culture in Hong Kong: guide for newcomers

Hong Kong has its own, unique, culture that is somewhat different than in mainland China. It is a mixture of traditional Han Cantonese, British, and western culture. This makes moving from Hong Kong to the USA a lot easier prospect for its residents than in other places in China. However, culture in Hong Kong is incredibly international savvy and sophisticated. This article will explore some of it and present you with a couple of interesting cultural places in the area.

What is Hong Kong culture like?

Well, the first thing is that majority of the people identify themselves as “Hong Kongers”, as per recent poll. A significant number of the population (around 8%) are not, in fact, of Chinese origin. Basically, the culture of HK is the culture of native Chinese who were born in the British rule or in the years since. At this time, the British media was quite strong and has influenced a large number of people. Add to that the constant, everyday, contact with the foreigners and you get a melting pot of sorts. The culture in this place is a mix of Chinese, British, and other Western countries’ cultures. This is one of the big reasons why moving service Hong Kong is in such a demand.

The culture in Hong Kong is a mix of Chinese, British, and other Western countries

Enduring culture in Hong Kong – places for newcomers

Here are some of the most famous cultural sites in Hong Kong, where you can see their culture for yourself:

  • Cantonese Opera
  • Experience the culinary side of the culture in Hong Kong
  • Sha Tin

Cantonese Opera

This unique form of opera combines martial arts, singing, acting, incredible costumes, as well as acrobatics. It is a sight to behold indeed! However, there are just a few venues where you can see this incredible display and one of them is the famous Ko Shan Theater. Every day there will be an opera at the Ko Shan and some of the performances will be free.

Experience the culinary aspect of the culture in Hong Kong

The food culture is divided into two. The most influential are the Hakka and the Chiu Chow descendants. They each have their own, unique, way of preparing food. If you want to experience what the Chiu Chow has to offer, you can visit the Chan Kan Kee Chiu Chow restaurant. As for the Hakka, the most popular chain is the Chuen Cheung Kui. These are the places that will allow you to actually “taste” the culture itself. And for those who love to spend a lot of time outside walking and hiking, these are the places in Hong Kong for nature lovers!

Visit one of the Hong Kong restaurants and taste delicious Hakka noodles!

Sha Tin

Sha Tin used to be a large expanse of farmland which was popular with migrating groups. Nowadays, it is a town of its own that has one of the largest populations in entire Hong Kong. The architecture here is quite varied from a cultural standpoint, as well as beautiful. There are traditional Chinese temples and walled villages from the 19th century as well as parks that are quite modern and spacious.

When you visit this place, you can enjoy a stroll by the Shing Mun River and walk in the Sha Tin Park. Both are amazing experiences.

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