Eco-Friendly Storage Tips

A lot of people take for granted our planet. They simply don’t care about pollution or what is their impact on nature. If you are thinking how can you help and how you can contribute to preserving our planet we gathered some simple steps on how to do it. It might not come right to your mind, but relocation itself can have a great impact on pollution. There are so many ways how you can make your relocation eco-friendly and one of them is to find Eco-friendly storage. Or at least to do everything to make your storage eco-friendly.

What is Eco-friendly storage?

Well, to be fair this is a new concept. It is not something that you can hear every day, but every little action you make can help a lot in taking care of our planet. This type of storage is something that is really friendly towards our eco-system and uses a lot of recyclable materials. Also, the way of using storage is what makes it more eco-friendly.

eco friendly house that represents ways to Eco-Friendly Storage
Eco-friendly storage is something that we all should take into consideration

What are the benefits of this storage?

Well, the benefits are the most important thing. You should talk to your friends about this, and in general, do your best to raise awareness. Here are some benefits:

  • Going green and actually making your storage eco-friendly can save you a lot of money. This really should not be a primary reason but it is one of the reasons that can really save you money on a long-term run.
  • You will actually do a small thing and contribute to reducing global warming. One person can not do much, but if you spread awareness and contribute a little it can really go a long way.
  • We are not aware of that, but resources on our planet are actually limited. Having this in mind, we all should use our resources carefully. And when it comes to this topic- storage you should hire professionals to pack all of your belongings to storage. They will be able to save you money, resources and save space in a storage unit.

How to make eco-friendly storage?

So, after we have established what are the benefits of the eco-friendly storage units we will talk about ways to make your storage unit more green! In an ideal world, all of the storage units would be already built from recyclable materials. But unfortunately, that is not a common case. You should first look for the best, state of the art storage units that you can turn green. As we already mentioned, you should really consider hiring professional packers that will be very efficient.

go green sign
Going green can really help our planet!

Professional packers will be able to pack all of your belongings that should go to storage in fewer boxes. And that will simply mean that it will take one, maybe two trips to storage units. That means less air pollution, less fuel.

Reuse old boxes

One of the main things that you can do to go green is to use old boxes. You can ask around and see if any of your friends have some boxes they do not need. Of course, make sure that those boxes are in good condition and that they can preserve your belongings. You can get creative and use old boxes from TV, kitchen appliances. Or you can even ask at a local store do they have any boxes they do not need. That way you will be the one directly recycling boxes!

old recycled boxes for your Eco-Friendly Storage
If you use old boxes, you are directly contributing to preserving our planet!

Be creative with packing materials

So, when you are moving you will need a lot of packing materials besides boxes. And that is an ideal moment to get creative and inform yourself. For example, for the items that will not be damaged with newsprint – you can use old newspapers. Also, now there are biodegradable packing peanuts or packing peanuts made from recycled materials. For items that are really sensitive, and you need to place them in storage you can use biodegradable paper towels that will preserve your item and the planet at the same time.

Also, instead of using classic tape you can use plastic ties, of course, try to find one that is reusable. using a lot of tapes is not very eco-friendly so, avoid it as much as possible. Even if you are moving locally, it is better to use them and find them a purpose later. A small gesture can actually do a lot of good for our planet.

How to make your storage unit eco-friendly?

Well, this is something that you should research and ask all the questions the company where you plan on to rent a storage unit. You can ask them do they have climate control in their units, are their storage units insulated? Those are just some basic questions and they should be able to answer them rather easily. Also, one of the important questions for them is to ask them to help you to determine what size of a storage unit you actually need. They have much more experience, and they will be able to provide you with the correct advice.

measuring tape
Professionals will be able to help you to determine the actual size of the storage unit you need!

Green lightning

This might seem like a little thing, that is not really important. But the reality is completely different. There are some ways that you can make your storage eco-friendly and make it greener. For example, the first thing is to change the type of lightning. You should use an LED light bulb that will lower energy consumption by as much as 90 percent! it will also save a lot of money.

Also, there is something called photocells. Photocells detect the amount of natural light in the area and automatically turn the electric light on and off as needed. That will greatly add to your green storage unit. Also, motion sensors are a good solution since the light will be on only when someone is actually there. Also, they ensure that there will be no forgotten light anywhere!

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