Essential guidelines for organizing your move from Hong Kong to Canada

More and more citizens of Hong Kong are deciding to move abroad. One of the most popular destinations for relocation is certainly Canada. While transporting your entire life across the world might seem incredibly stressful, as the relocation company Hong Kong can offer, we can assure you that it is quite feasible. And if you are planning to move from Hong Kong to Canada we can assist you in that. We’ll start by pointing out some of the things you need to consider before you have your bags packed and ready at the airport.

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Moving to Canada can be an amazing fresh start

Who can move from Hong Kong to Canada?

The first thing that you need to  consider is whether you are eligible to become a Canadian citizen. There are many reasons why moving to Canada from Hong Kong might appeal to you, and there are ways to achieve that. If you already have a cousin there, you can just contact them and ask them to sponsor you. If you are the first person in your family who is making this move, you still have options. Skilled or highly educated workers are always in demand as well as promising students.

How to get your car there?

Arriving in Canada, you will need a way to get about your day. If you already own a car you might consider selling it and buying a new one once you have moved. On the other hand, if you are already used to your current car and don’t want to part with it there are ways to have it transported. Our car shipping HK service is just one of them. You could also get your car to a new country by the air, but relocating it by the water is a cheaper albeit slower option. We also provide a door-to-door shipping service, so when you move from Hong Kong to Canada, your car can already be waiting for you in front of your new house.

Can you move from Hong Kong to Canada whit a pet?

taking your dog with you when you move from Hong Kong to Canada
Take your pet with you when you move from Hong Kong to Canada

When moving to a new place, where you don’t know anybody there, you want to have a friend already with you. Therefore it is not supersizing that many people choose to take their pets with them when moving. As one of the pet movers Hong Kong companies, we can give you some advice here. If you are traveling with a cat or dog you will need to prove that they got their rabies shot. If you have a pet bird or some exotic animal, things can get more complicated.  Some animals require a special permit or can’t be imported into Canada at all. There are cases in which your pet can be confiscated:

  • you do not declare it
  • you lack the necessary certificates or permits
  • your pet is sick or suspected of having a disease
  • you are transporting a pet in a non-humane manner

What items can you import tax-free?

Finally, you want to get most of your belongings to your new home. If you move from Hong Kong to Canada, it is good to be aware of what you can and can’t get across the border. Canada Border Services Agency has a list of things you can import tax-free. To prove that you own the thing you are transporting it would be helpful to have a bill of sale for any item of note that you want to transport.

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