Essential moving day tips for beginners

Not everyone has numerous moves under their belt. There are some of us that look at the moving process in awe, as something that is unfamiliar and a bit scary. If you are a moving beginner, the whole relocation process might seem daunting. Every part of it, from renting storage unit Hong Kong to packing essential items for your move is unfamiliar. However, while it is a complicated process, it is not something that many of us can’t handle. We are going to provide you with some essential moving day tips, to start you off on the right foot.

The most essential moving day tips

While there are a lot more things that we can tell you about the relocation process, here are the most important, or essential ones:

  • Create a to-do list for your moving day
  • Moving day tips – pack an essentials bag
  • Have cash to tip your movers
  • Prepare enough snacks and refreshments
Create a to-do list as soon as possible!

Create a to-do list for your moving day

Now, this one is kind of huge, to be honest. In order to successfully complete this to-do list, you will need to know many facets of the moving process. But there is no going around that. You can get an international moving company Hong Kong to deal with the transport of your items, but they will not deal with everything. You will need to transfer your utilities to your new home, change mailing addresses, find a new school for your kid, and so on. But I digress.

What is essential here is that you have a list of things that you need to do when the moving day actually comes. This is a small section of the entire relocation process and is not that big. The best thing to do here is to contact your moving company and simply ask them what are you supposed to do. Don’t be afraid to ask simple questions. That is what they are there for. To help you. Ask all the questions you can and get answers.

Moving day tips – pack an essentials bag

You will also need a bag that holds all the essential items. Think of it this way. If, by any chance, your items were not to arrive for a day or two, what are the items that you absolutely have to have with you? This bag differs from person to person but some staples include a coffee maker, toiletries and similar items. It does not need to be overly large but it can’t be really small, either. Here is an example of what to pack in the survival kit. Remember, while complications are not common, they do happen. You will be happy you packed extra clothing in your bag if something happens!

a man carrying a bag
Pack all the items that you are using on a daily basis in your essentials bag!

Have cash to tip your movers

Your movers are people, the same as you. They will be doing a job and they will do it well. You are absolutely entitled to that. However, if you go beyond the line of duty and tip your movers, so will they. It is always nice to see a smile on another person’s face and the best way to put it there is by giving away free money. Hire the best, contact your professional Relo Smart Movers Hong Kong and schedule an appointment!

Prepare enough snacks and refreshments

You will also need sufficient food and drinks for the entire moving day. Believe it or not, you will feel hungry and thirsty before you know it! As far as the moving day tips go, this might be the most important one!

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