Everything you need to know about moving from Hong Kong to Guangzhou

China is one of the world’s largest economies in terms of PPP, GDP, and manufacture, and therefore one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Cities like Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Wuhan offer a plethora of business opportunities. Needless to say, people are constantly on the move in search of better job opportunities and lower costs of living. But moving is not easy. In fact, it presents a big challenge for most people. Many big questions arise from one’s decision to change the address. But don’t worry you have come to the right place, as we are going to break down moving from Hong Kong to Guangzhou. How to do it the best way? How to find the best relocation company Hong Kong? What are the differences between these two cities? Stay with us to find answers to these questions.

Moving from Hong Kong to Guangzhou is easier when you have a reliable moving partner

Some people prefer to move on their own while others believe that it is a better option to call professional movers. While organizing a DIY move will certainly save you some money, hiring a moving agency has its good sides as well. First of all, you will save a lot of time. Secondly, professional movers have the best moving supplies and know the most sophisticated packing techniques. This means that you won’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings. But not all moving companies present a good choice. So, how to find a reliable moving company?

  • Ask your friends for advice. Do you have friends who recently moved? Maybe they could recommend you a quality moving partner? Even if they had a bad experience, you will at least know who not to hire.
  • Search for an agency online. A simple internet has the potential to reveal a lot about a moving agency.

    Picture of a professional moving crew member. Moving from Hong Kong to Guangzhou is easier when you have reliable assistance
    Professional movers know how to handle every relocation-related problem

What are the traits of a reliable moving company?

So, we already pointed out that online research can reveal a lot about a moving company. But what you should look for? What parameters you should take into consideration?

  • Is the company present on the internet? Every reliable moving company must have a dedicated website or a social network page.
  • Licenses and certificates. Moving companies must have various licenses to be able to offer their services to customers. Check if the company has the permission to operate on the market.
  • Reviews section. Every reliable moving company must have a section where customer can leave their feedback. Read those comments to get a better insight into the quality of a specific moving company.
  • Variety of moving services. When a company offers many different moving services like packing services or storage Hong Kong, that means that a company is experienced and knows how to handle every moving-related problem.
  • Other important indicators. Are their employees friendly and ready to assist you? Do they offer understandable moving contracts? What is the condition of their vehicles? All those things speak volumes about the company.

The financial aspect of moving from Hong Kong to Guangzhou

Finances are very important for most people. It’s the driving force behind most big life decisions, including the decision to relocate. Therefore, you should make a good financial plan before moving to Guangzhou. Here are some of the expenses that you can expect:

  • Moving quotes. The price of every move is based on moving quotes. Moving quotes are, in turn, based on two main factors: The distance of the move and the total weight of the shipment.
  • Additional moving services. Are you planning to get packing services as well? Don’t forget to include that point in your financial plan.
  • Travel arrangements. How will travel to Guangzhou? Car? Bus? Train? Airplane?
  • Moving insurance. It is better to get moving insurance than to scratch your head in disbelief later.

    Picture of dollar bills
    Make a good financial plan before moving from Hong Kong to Guangzhou

Comparison of living costs

But those were just moving-related expenses. Let’s now see how Guangzhou compares to Hong Kong in terms of living costs:

  • Consumer Prices are 92% higher in Hong Kong than in Guangzhou
  • Rent Prices are 43% higher in Hong Kong than in Guangzhou
  • Restaurant Prices are 78% higher in Hong Kong than in Guangzhou
  • Groceries Prices are 30% higher in Hong Kong than in Guangzhou
  • Income taxes are 30% lower in Hong Kong.
  • The unemployment rate is lower by 78% in Guangzhou.

As you can see, the costs of living in Guangzhou are much lower compared to Hong Kong.

Picture of Hong Kong skyline
You should learn about the differences between these two cities before moving

Other key differences to know when moving to Guangzhou

As we saw, the financial aspect is very important, but there are other important factors that you should take into consideration when moving to Guangzhou from Hong Kong:

  • Language barriers. Hong Kong is a former British colony, and as a result, most people speak English here. Therefore, if you plan to move to Guangzhou you should start learning Chinese.
  • Cultural difference. Again, the British have left a strong mark on Hong Kong during their 150 years long tenure there. This means that culture, the way people think and behave is much closer to Western standards.
  • People in Hong Kong drive on the left side of the road. It’s the opposite of the rest of China.
  • Hong Kong has a warmer climate year-round and access to the sea and beaches.
  • Smoking is forbidden in public places in Hong Kong.
  • Hong Kong has a more diverse cultural scene with twice as many museums.
  • On the other hand, Guangzhou has 66 more universities.
  • Even though Guangzhou has over 5 million inhabitants more than Hong Kong, the population density is much lower in Guangzhou.

These were the key things to know when moving from Hong Kong to Guangzhou. Take these differences into account before you make this important decision. Also, make sure that you have a reliable moving partner. We wish you a safe relocation.

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