Everything you need to know about moving to Canada from Hong Kong

Moving to Canada from Hong Kong is quite a daunting prospect that gets even more difficult with more items that you have to relocate. You are going to need to get familiar with shipping rates, custom laws, procedures, etc. However, having the best moving company Hong Kong on your side will make all of that a lot easier. But you can’t rely on them for everything, though. You are going to need to invest some work and effort into your relocation, as well. In this article, we are going to provide you with a simple set of guidelines you can follow, so your relocation may proceed smoothly.

Prepare for moving to Canada from Hong Kong – Useful tips!

These are all the things that you may wish to do, prior to your relocation:

  • Create an ultimate moving checklist
  • Find a reliable and professional moving company when moving to Canada from Hong Kong
  • Involve your family in the moving process
  • Prepare your car for shipping when moving to Canada from Hong Kong
  • Long-distance relocations require storage space
  • Keep your valuables on you
a couple creating a moving checklist
Every good venture starts with a great plan!

Create an ultimate moving checklist

You will have a lot of things to accomplish before you can safely relocate to Hong Kong. Therefore, you will also need a way to track what you have already done and what is yet to come. While you may think that this is redundant and that you can keep track of everything on your own, it is really easy to get overwhelmed with all the necessities of your move. And that is where a moving checklist comes into play.

This is a simple document that will contain every single task for your move, no matter how big or small. From hiring an international moving company Hong Kong to finding a great place to dine out once you arrive, this list needs to have it all! Populating this list needs to be the first thing that you do. After that, you can get to organizing your time according to the tasks that you need to complete.

Find a reliable and professional moving company when moving to Canada from Hong Kong

And speaking of hiring professional movers, this is something that you need to do well ahead of time. Finding the best company for the job which can also facilitate your move at the exact time and date of your choosing can sometimes be hard. Therefore, start contacting movers as early as you can. This will ensure that you get the best mover and the best deals.

male holding a moving box
Finding a reliable mover is your second priority.

There will be quite a bit of reading involved, as you want to make sure that the mover you choose is the best one for you. Read all the reviews that you can get your hands on but be wary of fake reviews as well. Not everything you read on the internet will be true. Always keep an open mind and apply logical thinking to whatever you do, research or otherwise.

Involve your family in the moving process

Since there will be a lot to do in order to prepare for your intercontinental relocation, you might want to enlist everyone in your household to the cause. There will be plenty of tasks and all of you can chip in your own unique ways. Try to figure out who is best suited for each chore and divide them accordingly. If you figure out that you will not have the time for everything, you can always utilize time-savers, such as packing services, from a moving company. It might hit your wallet a bit but it can also make your entire relocation a lot more pleasant. Relocations are stressful enough as it is so every reprieve is a welcome one.

Prepare your car for shipping when moving to Canada from Hong Kong

If you are going to be shipping your vehicle, you are going to need to prepare it for transport. This means driving it to the mechanic and making sure that everything is in optimal condition. Contact your shipping company, as well, and ask them if there is anything else that they might want you to do. Also, consider purchasing additional insurance as seas can be tricky and accidents happen from time to time. They are far from common, though, so you don’t necessarily need to go for full coverage. Assess the risks and act accordingly, is all that we are saying.

woman driving a car
Your car needs to be in excellent shape for transport.

Make sure that you take pictures of your vehicle before you give the keys to your shipper, as well. Take particular note of any existing damage, as that is most likely where any further damage may take place. If you do so, it will be a lot easier to deal with any possible claims.

Long-distance relocations require storage space

International relocations all but require the use of a storage unit. Your flight may get delayed due to various reasons and you may not be able to arrive in time with your belongings. In these cases, you want to have a safe place for them to go. Talk with your moving company and see what kind of storage services they can offer you. Usually, when you combine several services, the whole package is going to be at a considerable discount. Besides, having storage space for a month or two comes with all kinds of benefits, as well.

Keep your valuables on you

Whenever you are traveling abroad, you always want to have your valuable possessions on you, at all times. It is quite common for luggage to get delayed, or even misplaced, and getting to it might require days. Which is a long time to be afraid for your most valuable items. Also, you might want to consider following the usual travel safety tips for maximum security. You are not a tourist, yes, but you never know what might happen. Take care of your belongings at all times and you will have nothing to worry about!

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