Expanding your Hong Kong based business to UK after Brexit: what has changed

If you are thinking about expanding your Hong Kong based business to UK and you don’t know how it is changed after Brexit, you should take some time for a little research. And we are here to help you with that matter. But we also want to remind you that you should hire the best moving company Hong Kong based to help you with that relocation. Get an experienced company to partner up with and you will be able to experience stress-free relocation.

How to find experienced movers?

Every relocation is quite unique, but one thing is the same: this is a complex process. And when it comes to moving your business, things can get even more challenging. So having someone who can face any moving challenge with ease is such a smart move. Don’t skip on getting office movers Hong Kong who are reliable. And if you are wondering how to find experienced movers, have in mind that you will have to invest some time into it.

two people on the meeting
Find experienced movers to help you relocate.

One option is to ask someone who moved recently for a recommendation. That would save you some time for sure. But this just won’t be an option for everybody. And that’s why it is smart to go online for a little research. Look for an international moving company Hong Kong. Read on their website how long they are on the moving market and if they have experienced stuff with all the certificates. Don’t skip on looking for testimonials that other people have left, because they can show you if you can trust them or not.

Post-Brexit relationship between Hong Kong and the UK

If you are thinking about moving to UK from Hong Kong, learn something about their relationship. It is no secret that Hong Kong and the UK have a long history. When it comes to the business world, it seems that the divorce that happened between the UK and the EU doesn’t have a lot of impact. The reason is that during the transition, the UK would still abide by the same rules as the EU. UK remains a member of the Customs Union and EU Single Market. That’s why businesses that operate in Hong Kong can still sell products to EU customers and the UK-based businesses remain on the same course.

The UK has more than £8 billion in investments in Hong Kong, it has been the major player for UK exports in services and goods in the Asian market. So it is logical that both parties want to maintain the same relationship. We can expect that this relationship remains the same in the trade sector.

Expanding your Hong Kong based business to UK after Brexit

Post-Brexit holds many possibilities for businesses, so it is a smart move to think about expanding your Hong Kong based business to UK. Still, have in mind that potential investors should have in mind that the new political and administrative climate can bring some new challenges. One example is that Intellectual Property regulations will experience change after the transition period. UK trademarks have to be applied for and won’t be protected anymore within the EU. That’s why companies should be aware of it and take some precautions when they venture into business with the UK.

Expanding your Hong Kong based business to UK after Brexit
Learn about opportunities on expanding your Hong Kong based business to UK after Brexit.

Precautions in moving business to the UK

If you are thinking of moving your business to Uk, be sure to evaluate any contact that lasts after the transitional period. Be sure that any change to laws or regulations is taken care of and specifically addressed. Do an evaluation of distribution as well as the supply chains within the UK. This can affect the potential of moving their location and regulating tariffs. Be sure that transactions within the company (like administrative approvals and transaction structure) aren’t affected by changes. Stay awake since many changes can still arise and look carefully at how they affect business operations.

EU trademark

The EU Trademark system is register trademarks across the WU in one integrated system. That allows a single registration that protects it within the EU member state. This is actually great protection of IP rights. Since the UK is leaving the EU, it stays open to how that would impact Hong Kong businesses and individuals that are applying for EU trademarks, as well as those who decide to do business within the UK.

What about property

Since the UK has left Britain, Hong Kong investors feel some uncertainty when it comes to real estate. As more decisions are made, and the transition period is over, more and more investors from Hong Kong express interest in purchasing UK property. It is noted that Chinese and Hong Kong buyers aren’t waiting anymore. But they start to invest more since they see clearly that the Brexit resolution is on. Chinese magnate recently bought a London mansion worth £200 million. That illustrates just perfectly that Hong Kongers are more willing now than ever before Brexit to purchase the property.

beautiful house for sale
More and more people from Hong Kong decide to buy property in the UK.

We tried to help you with getting a clearer picture of expanding your Hong Kong based business to UK after Brexit. Some things have changed, but that doesn’t mean that you should avoid moving your business to the UK. Of course, you should be aware of some things that you should check. If you feel like waiting is the best for you, don’t rush. One thing is certain: some things will change for sure so having awareness of it is smart. Stay well informed and make the move once you feel comfortable doing it. Don’t rush in moving your business from Hong Kong, but as you can see, there aren’t reasons to stay away from that idea completely. Just track the market and make the decision in accordance with that picture,

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