Fun activities for gamers in Hong Kong

Nowadays many people throughout the globe spend a lot of time working. During this process, you can easily put aside the fact that you should also have some fun. In addition, it is useful to learn how to balance your work hours and your free time. Luckily, Hong Kong is one of the cities in which there are lots of fun activities. People of different ages can easily find something interesting to do in their spare time. The same works for gamers. If you are a gamer planning to hire a moving company Hong Kong and relocate here, you will certainly have plenty of amenities in this popular city. Apart from gaming, you can explore different fun options. Therefore, discover in this article fun activities for gamers in Hong Kong and learn how to amuse yourself with the endless interesting activities this city offers.

What are some of the fun activities for gamers in Hong Kong?

Living in one of the world’s most exciting cities, such as Hong Kong, offers endless fun activities, especially for young gamers. As a gamer, you can certainly play different games at home. However, gamers also like to gather at gaming clubs and spend quality time together playing. When relocating to Hong Kong, you will have the opportunity to experience an unreal world with your friends. Those who prefer a futuristic experience can find it in Sandbox VR. You can immerse your full body and transform it into a virtual one.

the city of Hong Kong at night
You will have plenty of fun activities for gamers in Hong Kong

The best part is that you can touch and interact with your friends during the game. In the middle of Whampoa Estate, you will discover a smack-dab American Pool. Here you can find different kinds of arcade games, including pinball machines. Try one of the most popular games such as the Groove Coaster.

Visit Happy Valley Racecourse

Hong Kong has a lot of world-class sights for both locals and tourists to see. As a gamer, you can visit Happy Wednesday at Happy Valley Racecourse. Here you will find everything from tasty food to different thrilling games to play. You can experience a night at races with jousting jockeys in this racecourse for horseracing. In addition, there is always a weekly theme that relates to all interactive games, live bands, or decorative activities. If you decide to hire international movers Hong Kong, you can experience the largest Hong Kong outdoor beer festival Oktoberfest. Also, if you wish to taste brie and ratatouille here, you can do it during French Nights at Happy Valley Racecourse. Finally, you can visit Hong Kong Racing Museum where you can enjoy four galleries on the second floor, and also a cinema and a souvenir shop.

Check Smart Game in Mong Kok

In Mong Kok, you can visit some Smart Game which is on Soy Street. Its convenient location and many games and activities to choose from make the place special.

a girl playing fun activities for gamers in Hong Kong
You can try different kinds of games in various locations around the city

Wacca is one of the latest rhythm Japanese games that are particularly popular for those who like to have a full musical experience. You tap and swipe to the beat on a 360-degree conical touchscreen. Have fun after moving to Hong Kong and try playing  Beatmania IIDX. This DJ-like arcade game will give you the option to spin on scratchable turntables. Another popular gaming facility is LOST Mongkok. On 3000 plus square feet, you can experience specially designed games with different scenarios that contain special effects. For those games who like outdoor activities, there is a football stadium in Mong Kok where you can enjoy football games in a great atmosphere that visitors create.

Try something different in Namco

Unlike other game facilities, Namco, which is in Mong Kok’s Langham Place, is a space with bright light rooms containing gacha games and a Jumpin Gym-style rainbow coin toss. It can be fun if you wish to try something different from just typical arcade games. One of the most popular games is Pac-Man Smash Air Hockey. Here you can meet new people and play with them traditional air hockey. Up to four people can play with two dozen pucks at once. If you like to take pictures, you can have a lot of fun with your friends in the Purikura photo booths. Here you can try on different filters and effects on your photos before printing them out. Also, Nintendo Switch is at your disposal here, so you can have fun playing it as well. After a busy game day, you can taste some great food at Dundas Street.

Other fun activities for gamers in Hong Kong

Games do not necessarily spend all their free time in indoor game arcades or malls. In addition, as a gamer, you can enjoy many different outdoor activities as well. You can try a Cable Car ride in Ocean Park Hong Kong. This is a 25-minute cable car ride from one part of the park to another. Riding on a single cable, you will have the opportunity to see sea waters of the South China Sea.

Cable car moving through the air
Travelling by cable car is one of the most popular activities in the city

Another popular activity in this park is The Ocean Express. If you are looking for an underwater journey in a submarine, this activity is fun for visitors of all ages. Although the ride lasts only 4 minutes, you will experience riding in a real submarine which is pretty joyful and thrilling. Finally, the Summit can offer  The Rapids and Raging River water rides.

Since Hong Kong is one of the most popular cities for living, it is not strange that many people visit the city to try its numerous fun activities. In addition, there are many fun activities for gamers in Hong Kong in many different locations around the city. The great thing is that as a gamer you experience endless activities both indoors and outdoors. Gaming is a hobby that many people around the world enjoy. Whether you like first-person shooters, strategy, or role-playing games, you can find different kinds of such activities all over Hong Kong. Besides gaming, Hong Kong can offer many other activities to explore. Just keep your mind open and you will certainly have a lot of fun in this great city.

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