Fun outdoor activities for families in HK

Moving to Hong Kong with family is a challenging undertaking. This cosmopolitan city brings to mind images of crowded streets and subways, tall buildings, and hurried people all around. Bringing your kids to such a hectic place is a huge step for every parent, for sure. However, you will be surprised how kindly your children will be treated in a bustling Hong Kong. This is a family-friendly place many parents adore and there are plenty of outdoor activities for families in HK. Since we know all you care about right now is your international or local relocation to HK, we will lend you a helping hand. Our specialists for moving to Hong Kong will help you perform your relocation smoothly. In addition, we will remind you of many interesting things to see and do with your children in Hong Kong. Let’s have an amazing time after relocation to HK!

Take time to enjoy outdoor activities for families in HK

Hong Kong is home to over 7.5 million residents and for this reason, many people wonder if is it a good place to raise a family. It is true that living in this big city means it’s almost impossible to get away from crowds and noise, but that is still manageable. Besides all those business people and commercial buildings, HK is home to many nice places where you will enjoy spending your time with your family. And once you complete your relocation with the help of our moving service Hong Kong, you can unwind and make some family memories by visiting certain places in HK. Regardless of your children’s age, Hong Kong offers endless options when it comes to outdoor recreation for families. Let’s see what to do first!

Two boys standing on the basketball court
Get ready for incredible outdoor activities for families in HK.

List of outdoor activities for families in HK you shouldn’t miss

Whether you are coming from another city in China or from another country, Hong Kong is your safe choice when moving with children. So, here is the list of things to do if you want to get your kids off their mobile devices and enjoy the outdoors:

  • Opt for Lion Rock Country Park and enjoy hiking with your family there;
  • Spend the day at Ocean Park and your kids will fall in love with this magical world (including Whiskers Harbour, Old Hong Kong, Thrill Mountain, and Marine World);
  • Visit Hong Kong Disneyland and your kids will be entertained for hours. No matter how many times you have visited Disneyland park, it is just something that never gets old;
  • Visit Ngong Ping 360, this is one of the best outdoor activities for families in HK;
  • Explore Tai O fishing village with unique traditional houses built on stilts;
  • Don’t miss Hong Kong Street Art Tour;
  • Choose to spend your weekend at Sai Kung and enjoy activities such as kayaking, biking, diving, windsurfing, wakeboarding, etc;
  • Experience food adventure around Hong Kong.

As you can see, Hong Kong abounds with interesting activities suitable for all families. Whether you have toddlers or school-age children, you can choose from different things to do and place to visit. Even if there are students in your family, count on many unforgettable weekends together in HK after moving with our reliable ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong. This is heaven for families and children of all ages. In the beginning, pick the activity that you know your kids will like.

Go for a hike at Lion Rock Country Park

Moving home is an overwhelming process, especially when you have kids. But with our experts for domestic moving Hong Kong, it can be a pleasant experience. Once you complete all relocation tasks, you will wish to take your kids out and devote your time to family activities. And there is nothing that can help you relax more than good old hiking. If you want to explore Lion Rock County Park, you will take a chance to hike up to 495 meters high. For breathtaking views of Kowloon, you should reach the summit. After it, you can enjoy a delicious Cantonese dinner. So, prepare your comfy shoes and attire, and remember to stay hydrated. Depending on how fast your children are, hiking can take up to or even 5 hours. Tomorrow you will probably spend by talking about the incredible impressions and memories you made at this beautiful mountain.

A woman carrying a baby on her back and thinking about outdoor activities for families in HK.
Hiking is one of the best outdoor activities in HK, ideal for families, singles, and professionals.

Have a great time in Hong Kong Disneyland

If you are looking for an activity that will excite the whole family, you should not look any further than visiting Disneyland. From themed food to the Space Mountain roller-coaster, each family member will take a chance to enjoy at Disneyland Resort. This weekend is a perfect chance to meet Iron Man in person, so go straight to Hong Kong Disneyland. Remember, this place is not a paradise only for kids, it is one of the favorite places in HK for many adults. So, get ready for some fun and action and take some nice photos in Disneyland park in HK.

Welcome to the park signage
Get ready for a perfect weekend in Disneyland Park HK.

Take time for a food adventure around Hong Kong

Moving with family to Hong Kong is even more challenging when you have pets. But our reputable movers can help you handle everything with a smile on your face. Our experienced pet movers Hong Kong will be there for you and take care of your pets during the relocation. Once you get some rest and wish to go out with your kids and pets, it is time to boost your energy with some new flavors.

Taking a food tour is one of the outdoor activities for families in HK you should not miss. Tasting some tantalizing treats is one of the best ways to keep your kids curious and entertained. Even if you are struggling with the picky appetites of young ones, you will find fantastic eats in Hong Kong and your kids will love them. So, look for a place such as Emack & Bolio’s or Dim Sum Icon where you can find whimsical ice cream or dim sum.

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