Fun post-move winter activities in Beijing

There are a lot of great post-move winter activities in Beijing that you can engage in with your family. After relocating to Hong Kong from Beijing your family might feel lonely and stressed. The same happens if you are moving the other way around. Although China is an amazing country, you will need some time to adjust after moving there. You should make these days funnier and less stressful. Once you try these activities, they will become your routine.

Great Wall
Visiting of the Great Wall is one of the great post-move winter activities in Beijing

Learn about the culture during post-move winter activities in Beijing

There are a lot of activities that we consider funny even they are not related to playing and skiing. Exploring this amazing country is surely very attractive and fun, even for most skeptical people. If you are one of them, try to research all the great places in Beijing.

  • You will be surprised. It is very cold in Beijing during the winter, but it does not mean that you should sit at home all the time – there are a lot of great post-move winter activities that you can engage in;
  • After the right international moving company Hong Kong moves you here you should spend your first days exploring this area;
  • You will be closer to your family after these great activities – they will remember the first days in Beijing as great memories.

Great Wall

Maybe one of the most popular places in China and Beijing is the Great Wall. After a great moving company, ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong moves you here, you should make a plan for your post-move activities. Although a lot of tourists visit it during the whole year, maybe there are some dates you can avoid the crowd. Also, during the winter people do not visit it often.

Celebrate Spring Festival

Although it is not quite a winter festival, Chinese people love to celebrate spring even during the winter time. It is a great place to learn about Chinese culture and tradition. Stores and restaurants do not work during these days, but you should visit temples where people perform their traditional rituals.

Spring festival
People in Beijing love to celebrate spring during the winter

Ice Festival

If you love massive ice sculptures that celebrate winter, you should visit this festival. Gorge Ice Festival is famous in the whole world. it is a place where artists make great sculptures from ice in amazing shape and extremely large.

Sports activities are part of the post-move winter activities in Beijing

There are great sports activities that you can try for the whole year in Beijing. However, winter offers a few special festivals and places where you can try to have some fun. On the other hand, Beijing has a great climate, which means that you will see a real cold winter.


There are no many people that will reject to spend a snowy day skiing. For people who love this sport, it is the best way to make winter activities in Beijing funnier. If you like this sport, you should choose the International Ski Resort, very close to the Great Wall.

Ice Festival
Engage in sports activities with your family after moving to Beijing

Ice Skating

Children love ice skating so you should not miss Houhai Lake. Along with the interesting equipment, like ice bikes, you can see the great historic atmosphere that this place has. Surely one of the great post-move winter activities in Beijing.

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