Genius hacks and solutions for moving furniture

When it comes to moving furniture, you can do it the old-fashioned way or you can apply some creative solutions for moving furniture. However, you will need to carefully figure out what you will need beforehand, such as whether or not will you need Kwun Tong storage, for example. It is always best to have a plan for something than to improvise on the spot. While you definitely can and will improvise, a good plan goes a long way towards that perfect relocation. In any case, there are also a few life hacks that you can employ while moving these items. You will find some of them below.

Solutions for moving furniture – Ideas and hacks!

These are the most common hacks and ideas that you can employ in your relocation:

  • Measure furniture before moving
  • Great solutions for moving furniture – Measure hallways and doorways
  • Ask your friends for help
  • One of the solutions for moving furniture – Disassembling!
  • Hire a professional mover
measuring tape
Measure your furniture before moving.

Measure furniture before moving

The biggest problem in moving furniture is their bulkiness. You will want to measure all three dimensions of the furniture (height, width, length), as well as their weight, if possible. Write them down somewhere or memorize them in your phones, depending on what generation you are born into. You will need this information when the time comes to actually move the furniture. If you are moving to Hong Kong, for example, you will also need to measure the place your furniture will go to, as well. All this information will be of great help when you need to load and unload the moving truck when you need to go around corners, and so on.

Great solutions for moving furniture – Measure hallways and doorways

And speaking of corners, you might as well measure your hallways and doorways while you have the measuring tape in hand. This, combined with the previous measurements, will give you the complete picture.

Ask your friends for help

This is a standard life hack that applies to almost anything. Whenever you need to do something, it will be easier with more people. Ask your friends to help you with moving your furniture and the whole process becomes infinitely more enjoyable and quite easier, as well. In fact, if you have a friend who actually has plenty of moving experience, the expertise that he or she brings will be invaluable to your relocation efforts. However, you should also know what are the downsides of friends helping you pack!

Good friends will always be there for you! Ask them to help you with your upcoming relocation.

One of the solutions for moving furniture – Disassembling!

If you want to have the easiest time possible when moving furniture, you will want to disassemble everything that you can. That means drawers and everything else that can safely be taken away needs to be removed from the item. If you want this process to be a LOT easier, get yourself one of these tools, to help you out. This is a somewhat tricky process if you don’t really know what you can and cannot safely disassemble, however. If you are unsure about what to do, simply opt for the greatest moving hack of all time:

Hire a professional mover

That’s right, this is considered a hack because it makes all your problems and worries go away. You will not need to lift a finger and all your furniture will be safely transported to your new home. Simple as that.

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