Gift ideas for friends who are moving internationally

Moving internationally is always extremely exciting and scary at the same time. If you have a friend or a family member that is moving to a foreign country far away from you, you might feel sad. Still, they are probably ready to explore the world, meet new friends, and achieve their goals in life. While they are getting ready with the moving company HK, you should think about a present. In order to make a good memory before their relocation, here are all the best gift ideas for friends who are moving internationally. Long-distance relationships can be quite difficult. But your friends can always find comfort by looking at your gift while living abroad. 

Get something personalized for friends who are moving internationally 

There is nothing better than receiving a personalized gift. This shows that you really care about your friend and you decided to give them an item that is personalized just for them. In addition to this, this also shows that you know them as a person because you will pick something related to their hobbies, interest, and so on. However, what is this personalized item that you should give them? Well, think practically. One thing nowadays every single person uses would be laptops, iPad, and phones. For this reason, you can get them a personalized case for their laptop, iPad, or any other gadget. You can order a case with their favorite character, book, moving quote, something related to the country they are moving to, or something from your country. Therefore, if they are moving to Hong Kong from the UK, you can get them something personalized. 

get laptop case for friends who are moving internationally
You should consider getting a personalized laptop case

Jewelry is also a good option 

The next gift idea would be jewelry. This is something small yet quite useful. Your friends can wear this piece of jewelry every single day. They will be constantly reminded of you and your hometown by looking and wearing as a piece of jewelry that you bought them. Luckily, today there are specialized jewelry pieces meant for people who are moving far away to one of the most livable cities in China. For example, you can buy them a necklace with a small bell. So, every time when they miss you, they can ring a bell. Additionally, you can also get couple of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and so on. This way, both you and your friend will have the same piece of jewelry. So every time you miss each other, you can take a look at your piece of jewelry that is the same as your friend’s one. 

Make-up bag for friends who are moving internationally 

You can also buy a makeup bag for your friends that are moving abroad. Do not think that you can only get this present for your female friends. Your male friends should also have one bag where they can put their personal toiletries. So, if you like this idea, you can buy a makeup bag or a bag for toiletries for both your male and female friends. Why is this a good idea? First of all, it is quite small so it will not take much space in their luggage. Second of all, usually, your friend will be responsible for packing their makeup bags instead of international movers Hong Kong. Your friend will also use this bag quite often so it is both a pretty and functional gift. For this reason, try to find out if they already have one. 

makeup brushes
Get them a makeup bag for their makeup products

You can give them photos 

Even though people nowadays only save their photos on their phones, it is still better to have them printed. You will not see your friend for quite some time. So, you can give them photos of your best memories together. These photos do not have to be bulky. You can make small polaroid pictures. You can basically include everything that you want. For example, you can take a photo of your city, of your favorite restaurant, of your favorite hangout spot, and so on. You can also include some other friends as well and give them a photo album filled with Polaroid pictures of your time together. How to make Polaroid pictures? Luckily, it is quite easy to make them, so start planning what you want to have printed. 

An adapter for friends who are moving abroad

Now, onto a more functional gift. Usually, people do not think about adapters when they are packing their items for relocation. Sometimes, they don’t even check if their chargers for electronic devices can fit into foreign outlets. For this reason, you should do your research and see if your plugs are suitable for outlets in your friends’ new country. If not, you can get them an adapter for all their electrical devices. Your friends will be extremely grateful since otherwise, they would be in huge trouble. It is extremely difficult to survive in a foreign country without your phone, laptop, and so on. As you might know, an adapter is usually one of those items that people often forget to bring or even buy. An adapter would be a great present when your friend is moving abroad and is under a lot of stress due to packing. 

two power adapters
An adapter is a good and practical gift

More gift ideas 

Here are more gift ideas for friends who are moving internationally. 

  • A dual time clock – if your friend is moving far away to the area with a different time zone, then you can get them a dual time clock. This is especially beneficial for people who struggle with math. 
  • Face masks – Nowadays, you cannot go anywhere without wearing a mask. For this reason, get your friends a lot of masks for their travel. 
  • A Tumbler – You can even get this one personalized. 
  • Personalized blanket and long-distance letter pillowso your friends can think of you every time when they go to sleep. 

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