Guide to choosing the best moving quote in Hong Kong

Do you need to organize your relocation? If yes, then you should know how difficult and complicated it can be. The reason behind it would be the sheer number of household items that you might have in your house. In addition to this, certain types of items, such as large or bulky pieces of furniture, can be tricky to move. In order to help yourself during this period, you should find a reliable moving company when moving to Hong Kong. However, it might not be that simple to hire good movers. You will have to find a moving company that is both affordable and reliable. For this reason, here are all the tips for choosing the best moving quote in Hong Kong.  

Where to find the best moving quote in Hong Kong? 

First of all, where can you find moving companies in Hong Kong? You have several choices when it comes to searching for moving companies. Here are all of them. 

  • Your friends and family – if someone from your family or friends’ circle has used a moving company before in the past, you can ask them for some suggestions. Both positive and negative experiences are more than welcome. If they were happy with the services provided, then you can go ahead and hire them as well. If they were disappointed, then you know that you should not hire that moving company. 
  • Search on the Internet – you can easily search for reliable moving companies on the Internet. Almost all the moving companies advertise their services on various sites. 
  • Use social media – your social media account can also be beneficial. 
people talking about best moving quote in Hong Kong
You can ask your friends and family for recommendations

Searching on the Internet 

If you want to use the second option – searching on the Internet, here are all the things that you should do. First of all, it is not recommendable to only type moving companies. You should be as specific as you can. For example, you should try to search for Hong Kong movers and packers and see what comes up. Why is this type of Internet search a good one? First of all, you need to put your location. Since you are in Hong Kong or you plan to move to Hong Kong, you need to put the city next to your keyword. Then, if you plan to use both moving and packing services, you should add both to the name of the city. This way, you will receive results from moving companies that provide moving services that you want. 

What does the best moving quote in Hong Kong consist of?

On a similar note from the previous paragraph, if you are searching for specific services provided by a moving company, you should also add this when you are using the Internet. For example, you plan to use storage services as well. This is quite common since you might not be able to move directly to your new house or plan to renovate your new house before putting your furniture there. Since you have this time gap, you need to find a suitable place where to store your items. For this reason, it would be a smart idea to also rent a storage unit for a couple of weeks. You have two options. You can directly search for Kwun Tong storage to check if your moving company offers storage services. Both options are great when you need to rent a storage unit. 

person using a laptop
Check on movers’ websites what they offer

Check their credentials 

Since you need to hire reliable movers, it is extremely important to check their credentials. Every single moving company should have licenses in order to work as movers. You can ask to check their licenses before you hire them. Which type of license they should have will depend on Hong Kong’s law. In addition to this, usually, moving companies are also part of some moving and storage associations. You can also check whether a moving company that you plan to hire has membership in one of these associations. This is usually a quite good sign. Furthermore, you should also rely on moving reviews. Since you have no one to watch for their credibility, you should rely on moving reviews posted by previous customers. This way, you can see whether previous customers are satisfied or displeased with moving services received. 

Schedule an appointment to get the best moving quote in Hong Kong 

Once you narrow down your choices to at least three or five moving companies, it is time to contact them. First of all, you should schedule an in-house estimate. Online estimates are also acceptable but not the best. Once the movers show up at your house, you need to show them all the things that you plan to move. Otherwise, your moving quote will not be accurate. If you are on a tight budget, it is extremely important to show everything to your movers. You need to get an accurate quote. You can achieve this and by showing allegedly everything that you plan to move. If there are some items in your house that you do not want to move, make sure to tell your movers.  

person talking on the phone
Schedule an appointment with movers

Read a moving contract carefully 

Lastly, when you are searching for the best moving quotes in Hong Kong, you need to read the moving contract carefully before signing it. All the things mentioned before should be found in your moving contract. Your moving contract should specify all the moving services that you are planning to use, their price, delivery date, all the policies regarding lost or damaged items, and so on. In addition to this, make sure your moving contract is completely full. Do not sign any contract that is half-filled. Do not trust movers when they say they’re going to add prices later on. They can easily ask for more money since it was not stated in the contract previously. This is also a good way to check if movers are reliable. 

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