Guide to cleaning and decluttering before the move

Cleaning and decluttering before the move is a sensible thing to do. Your move will be cheaper and you will be able to get a better price on your old home. Or you get the deposit back safely, at least. When relocating to Hong Kong from US, you don’t really want to leave any unfinished business, after all. If you want to make these processes easy, you need to prepare and organize accordingly. This article is going to point out some of the key things you may wish to do.

Tips for cleaning and decluttering before the move

Here are our expert tips for your upcoming cleaning&decluttering:

  • Declutter room by room
  • Organize a yard sale and donate items!
  • Get enough cleaning supplies
  • Clean the apartment thoroughly
couple packing for the move
Start early and declutter room by room while packing.

Declutter room by room

The best way to go about decluttering is to organize it into segments. Start with the rooms that you use the least, or which have the least amount of items in them. Try to free up those rooms as much as possible before you start. For example, let’s say that you want to declutter your garage. The first thing that you do is move the car out. If you are taking your car with you, might as well sort out the car shipping HK while you’re at it. Apply the same principle to all the other rooms, as well. Remove the essential items and then declutter what is left.

Tips for cleaning and decluttering before the move? – Organize a yard sale and donate items!

Identifying which items are clutter is just the first step. You need to decide what to do with them before you relocate. Two great ways of making sure that you, or someone else, make the most use out of your unwanted items is to either sell or donate them. If you choose to sell them, Relo Smart Movers Hong Kong heartily recommends holding a garage sale. Simply put everything on display, at reasonable prices, and you will be rid of your items in a flash.

Or you can also donate your items to charity. Your belongings might end up being valuable treasures in the hands of someone else. Simply choose your favorite charity organization and see how you can get your items to them. Most of the time, they will show at your doorstep and pick them up. But if they can’t, you will always have a convenient way of donating them.

a boy selling items - a yard sale
Organize a yard sale and donate unnecessary items.

Get enough cleaning supplies

Don’t simply assume that what you have at home will be enough. Go through your home and identify what chemicals you will need. If you have them, great! If not, you will need to acquire enough of them for the job. When doing the last-minute decluttering, you may not really have the time to run to the store and purchase them. And you don’t want to compromise on the cleanliness.

Clean the apartment thoroughly

This might sound like a moot point, but being thorough is really important. Don’t simply wipe the dust, make the whole place shine! This will all ensure the most favorable result, be it getting your deposit back or making your home sell for more.

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