Guide to moving an office to Beijing

People are traveling great distances in search of a favorable business climate and better job opportunities. Digital technologies, cheap airline tickets, and the possibilities of working remotely increased the number of people who are constantly on the move. This turned our world into a global village. It has never been easier to pack your bags and move to another country. You can even transfer your car to another continent using car shipping HK services. In fact, you can transfer your entire livelihood from one point to another if you want. But what about moving a business? How to do it in the most efficient way so that your business doesn’t suffer as a result? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. We will discuss moving an office to Beijing in this article, so stay tuned to learn more.

Reconsider the reasons for moving an office to Beijing

Being in charge of a business is not an easy task. Experienced managers have a lot on their minds. They have to take care of their clients, employees, and the constantly-changing business environment. Listed below are some of the reasons that could motivate you to move your business:

  • Market development and technological innovations
  • Lower taxes
  • Cheaper workforce
  • Less competition
  • Proximity to resources
  • Better opportunities for growth
  • Proximity to clients

    Picture of a to do list.
    Before you move your office you should make a proper moving plan

Reconsider the reasons for the move and make a good financial plan

When you have re-evaluated the reasons for moving your business, your next step should be to make a financial plan. This decision can have far-reaching consequences for the future of your company. Therefore, you must approach it wisely, and make a good financial plan:

  • Moving supplies. What is the price of all the necessary tools to conduct the move?
  • Moving quotes and other expenses. How much does the move costs? Will you have other expenses like renting a storage unit Hong Kong?
  • New office requirements. These include rents, new equipment, renovations.
  • Period of inactivity. You probably won’t be able to conduct business activities during the move. This means that you will have to put your clients on hold or conduct a minimum of business activities.

Things to do before moving an office to Beijing

If you wish to organize the move successfully you must have a clear plan. Take one step at a time and you won’t forget anything. Anyhow, listed below are some of the things you should do before the move:

  • Inform your staff about the move on time. Your employees must be aware of the impending changes in advance.
  • Update your clients about the changes. Customers are the most valuable asset of any business. Therefore, you should inform your clients that you are planning to move your office. Inform them by telephone or via e-mail.
  • Make an office inventory. In other words, write down everything you are taking to the new office. This will help you with packing, as well as with controlling if everything arrived at its destination.
  • Hire professional movers. One thing is certain, experienced movers Hong Kong will make the transition less painful.

    Picture of people in office. Don't forget to inform your employees before moving an office to Beijing
    The important thing is that you and your employees act like a team when moving an office to Beijing.

Declutter your office before the move

Do you have excess stuff in your office? Well, this is probably the best time to throw out everything that you are not using regularly. In other words, you should organize spring cleaning and throw out all everything that is useless. You can also try to sell or donate everything that is surplus to requirements. There are many advantages to taking this step:

  • Higher productivity. Studies have shown that organized office space increases productivity.
  • Saving money on moving quotes. Moving quotes are based on two factors, the distance of the move and the total weight of the shipment. In other words, the less stuff you transport, the cheaper the move will be.
  • Unpacking will be easier. Make the transition easier by reducing the amount of time necessary for unpacking.
  • Clean space. You are starting a new chapter of your company, right? You better do it with a clean and organized space.

    Picture of an office
    Declutter your office before the move. Getting rid of useless stuff has many advantages.

Moving an office to Beijing is easier with the help of professional packers

While it will cost you a bit more, hiring professional packers will make the move a lot easier. Professional packing crews have all the necessary equipment and knowledge to help you prepare for the move in record time. Here some of the advantages of getting professional assistance for this occasion:

  • Safety of your belongings. Professional movers apply the most sophisticated packing techniques that ensure that your belongings safely arrive at their destination.
  • More time for other tasks. When you hire professional packers you will get one worry out of the way, so will be able to concentrate on other important aspects of the relocation process.

Some packing strategies

The organization is the key once you start packing for the move. It is considered the best strategy to label everything. Let your employees label their office stuff, but note that they should stick to a unique labeling system. Use numbers, names, and colors for the best results. You can also give them colorful label stickers. When everyone is familiar with their duties, the packaging process can begin. Books and office are easy to pack, but what about electronics? Here are some tips:

  • Power down all the devices and pull out the cables before doing anything else.
  • Make sure that you remember how to re-connect everything. This is why you should find a user’s manual or use your camera to document everything before disassembling.
  • Label the cords so you know to which device they belong.
  • You are dealing with delicate equipment so pack everything carefully to avoid damage.
  • Back-up your office data on external drives, clouds, or other storage solutions. You never know.

As you can see, moving an office to Beijing is not an easy task, but if you have a clear plan and professional assistance things get much easier.

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