Guide to moving during a rainstorm

In many cultures around the world, rain is a sign of blessing and an omen of good luck. While you undoubtedly wish for good luck when moving your home, you surely wouldn’t want rain on your moving day. You will probably see rain clouds on the horizon on your moving day as a disaster. Moreover, you wouldn’t find it as an indication of good fortune, right? Especially if you have an upcoming endeavor such as moving to Hong Kong. Therefore, we have gathered great tips for moving during a rainstorm. While you can’t do anything about the bad weather, you can organize your relocation during rain so it goes smoothly. Let’s begin, shall we?

Moving during a rainstorm- why is it complicated?

There’s no doubt about the fact moving during a rainstorm is a problem. Indeed, a heavy rainstorm can ruin your relocation. Even a drizzle can cause a lot of troubles. That’s why you have to prevent damages from happening. First, you will have to find a way to keep your belongings safe and dry. Then, you will also need to protect the floors and carpets from the mud and dirt that will come inside. Finally, rain brings the risk of accidents and injuries during your relocation. Not to mention that this risk is higher if you’re moving to the UK from Hong Kong. Because it’s a fact that the UK is known for its rainy weather.

Moving during a rainstorm is manageable with good planning
Don’t postpone your relocation if it’s raining on your moving day. Moving during a rainstorm demands good preparation.

Packing precautions are the first step when moving during a rainstorm

First, you need to plan and take some effective precautionary measures that will allow you to perform a safe move. Especially if the weather forecast predicts rain on your moving day. Therefore, your first and foremost task is to provide your belongings with adequate protection against moisture. The goal is to waterproof your items well enough. Then, you won’t need to worry about water damage even when moving during the rain.

Use top quality moving boxes when moving during the rain

As we already mentioned, the main goal is to protect your items from the water. Therefore, we recommend using new cardboard boxes. New cardboard boxes are stronger and more durable. Also, they are specially designed for use in the moving industry. Only quality moving boxes will provide your belongings with enough protection against moisture. Don’t forget to seal them with packing tape to provide maximum safety. On the other hand, old cardboard boxes may be compromised by previous uses. Also, they may easily lose their structural integrity and fall apart when in contact with water. However, if you plan to reuse old boxes for your move during a rainstorm, take extra precautions.

How to handle boxes when moving during a rainstorm?

First, lift and hold the boxes from the bottom for support. Then, do not set the boxes on the wet ground outside. Finally, put boxes that contain valuable or paper items in plastic bags for extra protection.

Try using plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes

If you have the possibilities, use plastic bins, as water can’t damage the plastic containers. Therefore, plastic boxes will provide maybe the best protection to your belongings when moving in the rain. Only make sure the lids fit tightly, or even better, cover them with plastic and tape it securely.

plastic bins
Using plastic bins will help you conduct a safe relocation during the rain.

More useful tips for moving during the rain

Wrap your belongings before the movers come

In case you didn’t manage to pack all of your items in waterproof moving containers, don’t worry. Simply wrap everything that’s left with moving blankets or old towels. Or you can use any other similar materials to provide a protective layer between your items and the rain. After wrapping, cover the wrapped items with plastic sheets or plastic drop cloths. Finally, use packing tape to secure the plastic wrapping in place. When it comes to smaller items, they can be efficiently protected from the water if you use simple garbage bags. However, for packing larger household items, use a stretch wrap for protection when moving in the rain.

Hire professional packers to ensure proper protection when moving during a rainstorm

If our advice isn’t enough to help you conduct moving during the rain on your own, don’t worry. You can always use professional packing services to ensure the best possible protection against water and moisture. Especially if you’re expecting torrential rains on your moving day. Professional packers have technical know-how and quality packing materials to keep your belongings safe and dry. Due to their extensive experience, the packing experts will be able to ensure the best protection of your items.

Professionals can handle your move during the rain with ease
By hiring professionals, you can be peaceful, even if you have to move during the rainstorm.

Don’t forget to label items that shouldn’t get wet

After you hire the best movers to handle your relocation during a rainstorm, start labeling. Use a permanent marker and write „KEEP DRY“ or „DO NOT GET WET“ on all sides of boxes. Do this on every box that contains items that are susceptible to water damage. This way, your movers will know that they need to be extra careful when handling these items. They will make sure to prevent their contact with moisture. For instance, they will wait for a lull in the rain to take them to the moving truck. Or they will put them on top of other items and away from the exterior walls when packing them.

Tips on how to move furniture when it’s raining

As furniture is especially vulnerable to moisture, here are some tips to help you move your furniture during the rain. Again, protection is the best way to go when moving furniture during a rainstorm.

  • First, wrap all furniture pieces in heavy blankets and plastic wrap.
  • Also, it’s advisable to disassemble larger furniture and pack each piece individually.
  • Using tarpaulin will protect while you take the furniture out of your home and into the moving truck.
  • Finally, don’t set the furniture pieces on the wet ground, due to obvious reasons.

The summary

As you could see, moving during a rainstorm is quite manageable. All you have to do is to pay attention to protection. Then, you are good to go. We wish you good luck.

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