Guide to packing and moving a kitchen

When moving, you need to know that you have a lot of responsibilities ahead of you. It may all seem simple, but when one thing leads to another, the move turns into a million details, lots of boxes, and unnecessary things. One period of your life should fit in a few boxes and move it all to your new address. Each room brings with it a new challenge when moving out. Bulky things from the living room, wardrobe from the closet, and thousands of little things from the kitchen. Here you will find the best tips on how to organize yourself when packing and moving a kitchen.

Help is always welcome when packing and moving a kitchen

Although you probably think you can do everything yourself, the experience of moving has shown otherwise. Seek help from a moving company. You can check out one of the best local moving company Hong Kong. People who have been doing this job for years, in agreement with you, will make your move quick, easy, and stress-free. The moving company will not just move your belongings from point A to point B. You can get any help you need from the moving company.

If you have decided to pack completely on your own, that is ok. But physical work and transportation should be left to others. Try the best movers Hong Kong and see how much easier your job will be. Every piece of your furniture and everything of yours will be adequately loaded into a truck or van and arrive at the new address in the same condition, using the fastest routes.

What to pay attention to when relocating your kitchen?

  • Kitchen elements
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Dishes
  • Cutlery
  • Cloths and tablecloths
  • Food and drink from the fridge and freezer

Before you start packing, it is advisable to make some kind of checklist or need-don’t need list. This will help you a lot because the kitchen is known as a room where there is no end to the little things. Everything you think you don’t need, set aside so you don’t mind. Put the things you definitely need on your list, and you’re ready to packing and moving a kitchen.

Yellow sticky notes and “to do” sign
With a checklist, everything is easier

Packing supplies that you will need

Boxes, boxes, and lots of boxes! Packing process must go smartly, slowly, and carefully. Count on good and spacious boxes to be of great help to you. Boxes are something that will serve you much more than bags since there are a lot of sharp things in the kitchen that can pierce bags and fall out! That is why it is good to equip yourself with quality boxes. Seal each box well with duct tape and mark each with a marker. This way, you will easily move into your new kitchen when moving. Be sure to put approximately the same items in the same boxes to make them easier to unpack.

It is important to get boxes with partitions. They will be ideal for your glasses. If you have wine glasses, so much the better! Wrap each glass inadequate protection. It can be foil, bubble wrap, or newspaper.

On the boxes in which your dishes and glasses are, be sure to mark with a marker that it is something fragile or glass, in order to pay extra attention.

So, if you have boxes of different sizes and types, foils, newspapers, duct tape, markers, and scissors, it will not be a problem to pack all your dishes, cutlery, and glasses.

Yellow caution sign
Put “Caution” or “Fragile” sign on breakable items

What to do with my food and drink when packing and moving a kitchen?

First of all, it would be a good idea to prepare something tasty to eat on the day of moving! However, even after that, it is certain that you will have plenty of food and drinks left. You have more options. You can donate everything, give it to someone from the environment who needs it more than you, or take it all away. Why not?

The refrigerator should be emptied when packing and moving a kitchen to make it easier to transport and put in the truck. So it is up to you to prepare everything so that the food and drinks are preserved until you arrive at the new address and put it all back in the fridge. If you have the option of a mini-fridge this would be ideal. Otherwise, pack your food in plastic boxes that are hermetically sealed. That way your food will stay delicious even after moving.

Also, wrap your drinks in something and put them in boxes if they are in glass bottles. If you have frozen food, it would be best to get a few plastic boxes in which to put frozen food. That way, you don’t run the risk of food moistening the cardboard boxes and damaging them. Take care of the weather forecast if you are moving food. In case it is too hot outside, it would be good to consider some other solution than transporting food under those conditions.

Food in the fridge
Think about what you are going to do with food

Kitchen elements and kitchen appliances

Other important things when packing and moving a kitchen are your appliances. Think about how important these things are to you, and how much they help you in your daily life and treat them that way! The coffee machine, mixer, microwave or whatever, must be adequately wrapped in foil and placed in boxes. That way, they will be safe and out of the possibility of scratching, etc.

If you have hired a moving company, the professionals will very safely put everything in the truck, and also sort it neatly. So when you enter a new apartment, you will immediately be able to use your kitchen as if it were your old one! Everything will be undamaged and ready for use.

Now that you know all these tips, you are ready to move. Packing and moving a kitchen has never been easier. Everything will end quickly and safely, as long as you take care of your things and arrange them neatly. Your kitchen will always be your kitchen, even if you move thousands of miles away. Good luck and enjoy!

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