Guide to safely moving sports equipment

If you are a workout addict, you’ve surely collected many sports equipment over the years. However, if you have to move, it means you have to figure out how to move all that gym equipment. Whether you have to move something simple as a workout mat, or something big as a treadmill. In one word, it won’t go as smoothly as you might think. Especially if you don’t move your workout gear the right way. Well, that’s why we’ve gathered great tips for safely moving sports equipment. Our guide will help you move your gym equipment safely and effectively, you can be sure. So, let us begin with the basics.

The first step for safely moving sports equipment is to clean and sanitize

There’s no doubt you and your family members or friends have spent many hours working out. That means much sweat dripping over your sports gear. That’s why the first thing you need to do is to sanitize and clean everything before the move. That relates to the sports equipment you’ve safely put aside in the short term storage in Hong Kong, as well. The bottom line is you have to clean any sort of bacteria and germs before moving into your new place. Here is a little help on how to clean your gym equipment. It might also help you keep in top shape after the move, why not?

  • The first thing you need to do is to thoroughly clean all surfaces and handrails on your machines. That includes your treadmill, weight machines, and other workout gear. We suggest using a home-made solution of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle.
  • Then, wipe down your mats and other accessories. You can use paper towels and an all-purpose cleaner to get those germs away.
  • Finally, do not forget to wash towels and blankets in the water. Use a hot water cycle to do it properly.

How to safely move big and bulky sports equipment?

It is never easy to move big and bulky items, such as a piano, or a sports machine. However, fear not, as we prepared some great tips on how to safely move sports equipment.

Moving your treadmill safely

If you are facing a challenge of moving sports equipment such as a treadmill, don’t worry. There are ways to make this experience less demanding. First, you have to thoroughly wipe down and unplug the machine. Meanwhile, don’t forget to disconnect all the wires from the wall. Next, you should find a friend to assist you with the heavy lifting. Or you can always hire the best local movers in Hong Kong. Then, fold your treadmill up and lock it into place in the upright position. Finally, once you fold it, wrap the treadmill in moving blankets. That will protect it from damage during the relocation.

a treadmill in the living room
It is important to keep your exercise machines such as a treadmill safe while moving them.

Bonus tips for safely moving sports equipment such as a treadmill

As treadmills are extremely heavy, you will need some help. That means renting some sort of hand truck or a large dolly with wheels. They could assist you in carrying your treadmill to the moving truck. Also, when lifting the treadmill onto the truck, make sure to lift it with your legs. Don’t use your back to avoid injuries while moving. Then, after you position the treadmill correctly, secure it with straps.

More tips to help you safely move your stationary bike

It’s a fact stationary bikes are one of the most popular at-home pieces of sports equipment. Luckily, moving them into a moving truck isn’t too difficult. However, you should take precautionary measures to safely move this kind of gym equipment. First, you should protect the bike with a moving blanket. Also, if you have to move the bike through your home, place something underneath the bike. Don’t forget to protect your floors and avoid some serious scratches. For example, you can use pieces of cardboard, towels, or furniture sliders. Then, getting the bike into the truck won’t be that difficult. However, you might be going to need help from one or two people to lift it onto the truck.

Moving other sports equipment safely

How to move hand weights, barbells and dumbbells

If you have to move this kind of gym gear, you are going to need a lot of moving boxes. Your moving boxes must be strong enough to handle the weight of these requisites. We don’t recommend using one large box to stuff everything in it. Using small boxes will help you to distribute the weight of your gym equipment evenly. However, if you can’t find boxes that are sturdy enough, get some plastic bins. Then, after you find the right boxes, it’s time to think about the safety of your equipment. So, wrap your weights in a newspaper to keep them protected, simultaneously preventing the weights from hitting each other.

Safely move your sports equipment
While packing gym equipment for relocation, don’t forget to protect your dumbbells as well.

How to move your yoga mats?

When packing your sports equipment for moving, you can leave smaller items for last. That includes yoga mats and accessories such as yoga blocks. Then, you need to find several boxes large enough to hold all those items. However, we advise you to save some space by first rolling your yoga mat from top to bottom. Afterward, secure it with a carrying strap or a carrying bag before packing them in a box. This way, you’ll also keep them clean during transport to your new home.

Yoga mat
Finally leave yoga mats and accessories for last while safely moving sports equipment.

The summary

Despite some opinions, we think that safely moving sports equipment is quite doable. All you need to do is to follow our advice. You’ll see, by getting well-prepared now, you’re going to enjoy your home gym after the relocation is over. Anyways, we wish you a safe relocation of your gym gear.

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