Guide to storing kitchen appliances when moving house

Your kitchen is the heart of the home, but it’s undeniably time consuming to pack. First, you must remove every individual item from cupboards and drawers, then there are large appliances that often involve teamwork. Additionally, you must be careful of all the easily breakable objects. Since this is a meticulous part, employees at our moving company Hong Kong, came up with a guide to storing kitchen appliances when moving house. It is simple to follow, and it will certainly help you out along the way.

Getting started

Everyone has that one kitchen cupboard that is filled with random junk. Before you start, dispose of the things you never use. Throw away or recycle any broken items and mismatched parts. Organize your kitchen appliances by use-frequently, occasionally and rarely used. Your new home, might not have enough space for everything. Therefore, you can put your rarely used kitchen appliances in storage Hong Kong. 

Clean and disassemble

You surely do not want to bring dirty kitchen appliances to your new home. So, you should properly clean them. Remove any loose parts, thoroughly wash them, and let them dry. Handle fragile parts with care, you don’t want to end up breaking something valuable.

If you have any instructions for more complex appliances, keep them, in case you are unsure how to put them back together. Now that everything is clean and dry, you can start packing.

Storing kitchen appliances when moving house
You could store your kitchen appliances in a storage unit when moving house.

It’s time to pack

To make things easier, here is a list of items you will need to pack your kitchen appliances when moving house.

  • Packing paper-use it to line the box-wrap every item with two or three sheets of paper.
  • Boxes-try not to pack too many items inside one box; if the box isn’t as full as it should be, crumple some packing paper and use it to fill in the gaps.
  • Tape-use it to secure the wrapping around the appliances, and to close up boxes.
  • Marker-label each box and list items that are inside, this will make your unpacking a lot quicker.

Properly store your kitchen appliances

You can store boxes on top of each other, you can use heavier ones as a foundation for the rest. Just remember to keep stacks short, so they don’t tip over. Try to group frequently used appliances together, this will make it easier to sort them out at the end of your move. If you plan to store your kitchen appliances for a while, consider putting them in a climate-controlled storage unit. This will ensure that the electronic and mechanical parts of your appliances stay protected.

A storage unit filled with boxes
Store your kitchen appliances in packing boxes.

Call a team of professionals

If you don’t feel confident enough to store your kitchen appliances when relocating, contact our moving service Hong Kong.

We hope this short and simple guide to storing kitchen appliances when moving house helps you out. Stick to it, and you’ll easily move your kitchen and everything in it.

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