Guide to the new home deep clean

When you move into a new home, everything will be new, at least to you. No matter when the property was made, and whether someone lived there before you, it was cleaned at some point. But that point in time might have been quite some time ago, so you will need to clean after moving in. After some movers Hong Kong drop your things off, you will just want to lie down and sleep. If you get to your new home late at night, that is what you should do for sure. But tomorrow will be a new day, and it will be perfect to start your new home deep clean. And we will teach you what to focus on.

How should you do a new home deep clean?

The thought of a deep clean is not what you want to think about right now. With all the unpacking that needs to be done, there is no time to add another task to your list. But with the recent pandemic that we went through, hygiene has become mandatory. If you hired some help when relocating to Hong Kong, after a good night’s sleep, you will be ready for a new home deep clean. You should focus on:

  • Cleaning high surfaces first
  • Deep cleaning the bathrooms
  • Clean the kitchen
Picture of a vacuum
When you do a new home deep clean, dust will be a big problem

High surfaces need cleaning

Even if your new home has been cleaned a week before you moved in, there is likely dust everywhere. Dust can be cleaned every day, and it still will be there. It is an aesthetic problem as much as it can be a health hazard, especially for allergic people. And since dust flies around, you need to pay attention to the surfaces that you clean first. You should start high and progress lower when cleaning. The dust from the surfaces that you clean will fall onto the lower ones. For that reason, you should move the boxes away right after some international moving company Hong Kong drops them off. A separate room would be great for this.

Deep clean the bathrooms

Bathrooms are notorious germ-breeding spaces. No matter how much you clean it, they will always be there. But if you clean it right after moving with some domestic movers Hong Kong, at least you will start your life there on clean ground. The toilet needs the most cleaning, and you might even use some strong cleaning agents, at least for the first time.

Clean the kitchen

If you moved your fridge with you or got a new one, it is likely to get clean to your new home. But if your new home already has a fridge that is not new, you need to clean it. You will put perishable food in there, and it needs to be completely clean if you want to store the food properly. Apart from the fridge, you also need to clean the counter and all the surfaces that you will use for preparing food.

Picture of a woman doing a new home deep clean
The kitchen needs to be cleaned thoroughly

Conclusion on how to do a new home deep clean

When you do a new home deep clean, you need to take your time. Your motivation will likely still be high soon after moving, and that’s why this is the perfect time to do this. The more time you let pass, you will feel motivated to get anything done. We wish you good luck and happy cleaning!

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