Guidelines for moving office furniture to Hong Kong

If you are moving office, then there is something you need to take note of. Moving is a stressful job, that can sometimes be done by yourself. But when it comes to moving a whole office and all of its furniture, it becomes a different story. Guidelines for moving office furniture to Hong Kong are a must! If it’s your first time moving furniture you should be prepared to hire the best moving company Hong Kong can offer you.

Hire a good company

If you have an approaching office move there are some things you need to know. First, keep in mind that moving office furniture to Hong Kong is not an assignment you or your employees can accomplish. Even if some of them know how to lift and move furniture, it is still not their job. And trying to move your office furniture could result in some bigger or minor injuries. So it’s best to look into what office movers Hong Kong, have to offer. Experienced movers have all of the equipment and knowledge needed to safely move office furniture.

Workers doing their work before moving office furniture to Hong Kong
Moving office furniture to Hong Kong can sometimes take time. So make sure to finish all of the important work before that.

Along with eliminating the risks of injuries to you or your employees, hiring professionals has other benefits. What is that? Well, it’s protection for your furniture! Your invested money in your office and hiring people that are experienced makes sure that everything will look and function properly after moving. Office movers employ highly-trained workers who can dismantle and reassemble furniture systems even without any factory instructions.

Make a plan

Professional movers know the significance of detailed planning in moving office furniture to Hong Kong. For example, you also need to take into consideration cubicles as well as office furniture plans! Depending on the space and design of your existing and new office a moving plan needs to be made. And when making than plan all of the existing electrical, network, and phone outlets need to be taken into account. Discuss all of the details with the mover you decide to hire.

Even though you will hire the best furniture movers Hong Kong has to offer, you and your workers will still have things to do! Although you don’t have to worry about the moving process itself. You still have a lot to do! Starting with work that can be done from home, or planning everything for after the move. Making plans for work after moving will help out significantly.

Workers having a meeting before moving office
Have a meeting to discuss the layout of the new office before moving.

A day or two before the moving day

Provide every employee with a cardboard box. Or tell them to bring one. They will need to pack their desk or cubicle contents. These are mostly their belongings and don’t fall into the category of things furniture movers would do. They should remove everything from their desks and pack them in moving boxes. Special attention should be paid to any fragile item. Moving office furniture to Hong Kong is the job of movers but the small and personal things are still your problems.

If possible, you can also place boxes in the hallways and instruct your employees to place all of the office belongings inside. For instance paper, and other bigger things should be placed directly in a box. As for smaller like pens and paper clips, place them in envelopes and put the envelopes in the box. Other than that all of their personal belongings should be moved by them. Everything should be clear before the moving day, and all of the employees should be home. Or at least not at work when the moving company arrives to move furniture.

Other things you can do

In most circumstances, file cabinets can be moved with the documents still in them. But if that’s not the case someone will have to empty out all of the documents prior to moving. Files that can be moved in an upright position should be locked to prevent any loss or information leaks. Moving office furniture to Hong Kong is a long process so make sure to take any documents you might need prior to moving.

Folders stacked one on the other
All folders and documents with important and sensitive information should be moved by you.

All contents from the supply cabinets should be packed. No matter how small or seemingly insignificant they look. If you don’t want to directly take them out you can always lock, tape, or tie cabinet doors closed. This way items stay safe during the move. Although in some cases they can move inside. But you must remove all books from the bookshelf! Pack the books in a box and leave the shelf for the professionals. Although you won’t move furniture there are always things you can do when moving your business.

Shipping furniture

Furniture shipping is an affordable way of moving office furniture to Hong Kong. Costs of shipping can vary according to a number of factors. Things you should pay attention to are the item size, dimensions, weight, distance of shipment, and so on. It’s safe to assume that shipping furniture to Hong Kong won’t be cheap. The city itself is large, crowded, and takes time to travel through. It is okay if you don’t have a lot of furniture. But if you do, we don’t really recommend it.

Also moving office furniture to Hong Kong is not just shipping one table or chair. It means all of your furniture will be shipped! For small businesses that don’t have a lot of furniture, this is a great idea. But larger companies and offices should consider picking the usual moving company to do their work. This is without a doubt a cheaper option for them.

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