Handling the logistics on a rainy moving day

The day of moving is approaching. You have thought of and organized everything. However, on the day of moving, the first thing you see in the morning through the window is annoying rain. You can’t control the weather, but you can control the way you deal with it. Here you will find the best tips on handling the logistics.

Whether you are moving two blocks away or expecting moving to Hong Kong, bad weather and rain can create serious problems for you. Moving will certainly go slower and harder, and the most important thing is to save your things. You probably have a bunch of memories, dear photos, or children’s drawings that you wouldn’t want to get wet and destroy in that way, right?

Ask for help with handling the logistics

In difficult weather conditions, the best movers Hong Kong will be of great help. Don’t forget that people from moving companies have been in this business for a long time and they certainly know what they are doing. They are trained to behave by the situation, which means that they will be of great help if it rains during your move.

Handling the logistics is not an easy job if things go against what you planned. There is a possibility that the packaging will have to look different.  You can rely on people who know what they are doing at a given moment, and from whom you can expect smart packing. If you’ve saved cardboard boxes, it’s a good time to come up with something else. Also, you will have to count on the delay of your time to arrive at the new location as the transport itself will not be fast and easy.

Person holding open palm of hand
Ask for help, make it easier for you!

 How to handle the logistics on a rainy moving day?

It doesn’t matter if you know the weather forecast a few days earlier or the rain just surprises you, it is important to be ready for everything. Therefore, it is recommended that you create your checklist for these situations. The checklist will help you have a solution for everything at all times. Handling the logistics will be an easy job for you if you prepare well!

The contents of the checklist

  • More dry and warm clothes
  • Extra towels
  • Raincoats
  • Plastic boxes
  • Waterproof foils
  • Protective foils for carpets

If you keep all this in mind, nothing will surprise you. The most important thing is that your things stay dry and in the same condition. It is also important to provide people from the moving company with space so they can walk freely through your house to move everything out successfully.

Moving in the rain is exhausting for everyone. But the professionals from the moving company will not let you get upset. There will be traffic jams, in the house, but don’t worry about it. Have an understanding of the situation and solve problems slowly, one by one.

Pack smart!

Handling logistics is easy with our packing advice! If you have small bags, smaller boxes, or bags, it would be wise to pack as many things as possible in one big bag or box. If you do that, you will reduce the number of entrances to the house and thus prevent wet traces all over the home. When you move in, put those boxes in the room closest to the door, for the same reason. It would be good for one person to come in and take off his clothes, and then to take over all the boxes that the others bring to the door. That way the home will stay dry.

If it is not possible to pack everything in a smaller number of larger boxes, there is always the option of waterproof bags. You can pack each of the boxes in it and thus protect it from moisture and possible decay in the form of cracking or breaking.

Woman packing in plastic foil wrap
Use plastic foil and bags for packing!

Make a chain

In order to avoid unnecessary throwing on the water, and thus bringing it into the apartment, it would not be bad to make a chain. Move the van or truck that brought your belongings as close as possible to the entrance to the building or house. In relation to how many people help with the move, divide so that someone unloads from the truck, then a few people stand between the truck and the front door. And the last person to stand in the house, in dry shoes.  It would not be bad to cover the way from the truck to the door with some kind of nylon, umbrella, or awning. That way you will all stay dry to a greater extent.

Protect yourself and your home

Surely your goal is to move safely and efficiently. But it is important to stay safe and protected. Prepare warm, waterproof footwear. It would not be bad to wear a waterproof jacket or raincoat. If it is rainy and cold, dress in layers. That way, you will be warm and comfortable, and you can easily take off your clothes if you need to.

When it comes to home protection, there are several options you can apply. The first and simplest is to place nylons on the floors, and old cardboards over them. Under no circumstances should you put only nylon, as there is a risk of slipping and injury! You can get the cartons at a nearby recycling factory or at a nearby supermarket. Arrange on all floors that will be walked on. If you do not have cardboard, take old sheets or towels.

Remember you need to stay hydrated. It would be best to have thermoses with hot tea or some other beverage with you. Eat broth or soup and make up for lost electrolytes due to work and cold.

two dogs and a person in boots
Wear warm shoes and a raincoat!

The most important thing is to stay calm, collected, and think about safety. There will always be someone to help you, so there is no reason to worry. Handling the logistics while it’s raining is a real hassle, but with our advice, it will surely be easier for you. Get well organized, don’t panic, and moving will be easy. Don’t let time bother you and forget something or get hurt. Good luck!

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