Home design trends in Hong Kong that attract buyers

If you are interested in the Asian real estate market, you should focus your attention on Hong Kong. Now more than ever, many people have plans to move abroad, especially to Asia. For this reason, do not miss out on the opportunity for a good business deal. However, if you plan to sell houses and apartments there, you need to attract buyers, not only international ones but locals as well. How to achieve this? Here are all the home design trends in Hong Kong that will attract potential buyers from all over the world. Do not forget to help your international buyers to find one international moving company to help them with their relocation to Hong Kong. The extra service can go a long way. 

Home design trends in Hong Kong – include art 

If you really want to attract customers and potential buyers, you need to make the house look fancy. How can you achieve this? Well, you need to pick the right art pieces and place them in the right places so they can make the room more inviting to customers. There has been a recent trend in collecting art pieces. For this reason, you need to show that a future apartment or house is suitable for storing all those expensive and valuable art pieces. Since usually people have a different taste in art, it is quite difficult to satisfy everyone’s wishes. However, you can consult a few galleries and let them pick the best and most representable pieces. You can store them in Kwun Tong storage until further use. In addition to this, you can also choose wallpapers that resemble French upholstery to add to the overall atmosphere of the place.  

Home design trends in Hong Kong that include small decorative pieces
Do not hesitate to include interesting art pieces

Use abstract patterns 

Similar to the previous paragraph, abstract patterns are extremely popular in Hong Kong in recent years. This is especially applicable to the retro-infused decor that is usually combined with mid-century modern furniture. If you combine these two trends into one, you will get a great result that would definitely attract buyers relocating to Hong Kong from US. In addition to this, you can also introduce a couple of pieces made of velvet. Since most apartments or houses tend to have basic colors, adding a couple of pillows or blankets made of velvet will add much-needed color to the interior. Even though it is always better to keep it minimalistic, you need to avoid having an apartment that feels like a hospital. For this reason, use fabrics such as velvet to add color and warmth. 

Home design trends in Hong Kong – the colors 

The colors play a huge role when you want to attract potential buyers to buy your apartment or house. When you are moving to Hong Kong, the last thing you would want is to live in a place with extremely bright colors. Some people do not like or do not feel comfortable enough living in a space where the walls are bright red or even bright yellow. Additionally, it is a well-known fact that apartments or houses that have more neutral colors sell faster than the ones with bright colors. For this reason, you should keep it simple and neutral. Those colors would include white, beige, gray, and similar. however, as it was mentioned before, you need to avoid making your place look too sterile. You can do this by using pastel colors. Pale pink, yellow, blue, and green would look great with other neutral colors. 

white living room
Keep the color neutral while adding a couple of accentuated pieces

Accentuate the place with vases and plants 

It is always better to add a couple of plants or flowers when you want to sell a house. First of all, there are many benefits to keeping plants inside your house. They will purify the air, and reduce stress, reduce radiation, and so much more. This all is extremely important in Hong Kong due to air quality and pollution. However, be careful when choosing the best indoor plants for your house. Here are a couple of plants to consider. 

  • Snake Plant 
  • Monstera Deliciosa 
  • ZZ Plant 
  • Spider Plant 
  • Bird’s Nest Fern 

In addition to this, you will need suitable vases where you can keep your plants. Vases are also perfect for decorative purposes. For this reason, you should pick a couple of sculptural vases to make your home more beautiful. Make sure to water them regularly. Not many people would want to buy a house with withering flowers. 

Home design trends in Hong Kong – materials and patterns to use  

In order to attract potential buyers, you need to be careful when choosing materials and patterns for your house or apartment. First of all, marble or natural textures are popular in recent years. If you combine marble with natural textures, you will create a perfect mixture. It will look both stunning and durable which most potential buyers would want for their future home. This combination will look the best either in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Natural textures would create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere which is important when you’re cooking or relaxing in your bathroom. In addition to this, if you want to experiment a little bit, you can use dark wood. This material is especially popular with buyers who want a mixture of Scandinavian and Japanese inspired houses. Generally, dark wood adds elegance to every home. 

white and brown kitchen
The marble looks the best in the kitchen

How to include technology 

It is hard to live in the 21st century without any technology. For this reason, most potential buyers would expect to see modern appliances in their future homes. You need to find a way to include them in home design trends in Hong Kong. Luckily for you, all the leading companies have introduced interesting models that can even display artworks on their screens. This way, the modern piece of technology would act as a part of interior design. Your apartment or house that you want to sell will still look extremely classy. Therefore, do not be shy to experiment with electronic devices as well. 

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