Home security features for your new home in Hong Kong

Have you purchased a new house in Hong Kong? Maybe you finally found a perfect place to rent for yourself. Now, you only need to wait for relocation company Hong Kong to deliver your items. However, while you are waiting, you can’t keep wondering about the security of your new house. The main point of a house is to offer security and a place where you can relax and be safe. For this reason, you should think about your home security. Even though Hong Kong is relatively safe, it is still better to invest in home security. If you are planning to do something, here are all the home security features for your new home in Hong Kong you should consider.  

Home security features for your new home – how robbery works 

The first step to protecting yourself would be to understand how robberies happen. If you are relocating to Hong Kong from US, then you should already know about security measures that could prevent robbery to happen. For example, here are a couple of things that you should think about. 

  • Easy access point – usually, houses or apartments that have unlocked windows or doors are targets for thieves. since time is of the essence for thieves, they will choose houses with easy access points. 
  • Alarm system – usually, houses with a good alarm system avoid being safe enough. Thieves would avoid houses if they can detect an alarm. 
  • Proximity to other people – this should not be a problem in Hong Kong since population density is quite high. 
  • Lighting system– usually poorly lit houses attract thieves.
buildings during the sunset
You should make your Hong Kong home safe

Burglar-proof your home 

Depending on the type of house you’re living in, you should start securing your new home. It is different if you’re living in a house or an apartment. Since you are moving to Hong Kong, there is a high chance you will be living in an apartment. It is a little bit safer to live in an apartment because you can rely on the building security system. However, you need to check what type of security system your building has. The best way to deal with this would be to talk with your landlord. As you might know, if you are renting an apartment, you can’t really change anything without your landlord’s permission. For this reason, it is important to get along with your landlord in order to change things that you don’t like. One of these would be to burglar-proof your home. 

Home security features for your new home to consider 

First of all, you should consider window and door sensors. These sensors are attachable to windows and doors and also to their frame. When you close either the window or the door, these sensors would complete a circuit. If someone happens to open either the windows or door, a circuit would be broken. Then, it will sound off an alarm or even send a signal to the homeowner. This is a good way to protect your house when you are on vacation or simply outside. Additionally, most of these systems operate on batteries, so you can easily replace them anytime. But, this type of system can only offer basic security. It would be better if you can get a better security system but it is going to be a little bit more expensive. However, it is better to invest in your security than to be robbed later on. 

grey building
You can invest in window sensors

Motion detectors and cameras 

The next home security feature you should consider would be motion detectors. Usually, motion detectors are used to turn on the exterior or interior lights. However, nowadays, they are also used to activate cameras, alarms, and even send messages. If motion detectors detect a suspicious motion, they will activate all the security features that you currently have. Mind you, motion detectors can be quite pricey. On the other hand, one of the most popular and the fastest-growing component of home security would be indoor and outdoor cameras. As mentioned, you should talk to your landlord when moving to Hong Kong and see if there are outdoor cameras in your building. There is a high chance that the building already has a couple of outdoor cameras installed. If it makes you feel more secure, you can also get a couple of them for your apartment as well. 

More home security features for your new home 

In order to stay safe, there are more features that you can consider. First of all, there are control components. Every system should have at least one control component. This may be in a form of an app, an online portal, an in-house control panel, or something else. Then, you can also rely on the old-fashioned intercoms. It is extremely important to pay attention to whom you are letting into your house. With intercoms, you can check their identity before inviting them inside. Furthermore, you can also consider open gate alarms. This is a good security feature if you have small children.

Usually, building complexes would have open gate alarms anyways. For this reason, again, check with your landlord. On the other hand, most camera systems are motion-activated so they will not film the entire time. However, if you want to, you can invest in a continuous recording. 

intercom on the wall
Intercom is also very useful to keep unwanted guests

What to choose? 

As you can see, there are many home security features for the new home in Hong Kong to consider. How to choose the best one? First of all, you need to talk with your landlord if you’re living in an apartment. Then, you should consider your budget and the size of your home. With all this information, you should visit the nearest or the best home security system company in your area. They should be able to direct you to the features that would be most suitable for your house. Make sure to choose all the features that will make you feel safe and well protected in your house. 

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