Hong Kong to Australia

With its abundance of sunny days, Australia is the perfect place for those looking for a warmer climate. The world’s biggest island and smallest continent, Australia is a country that has a lot to offer. It’s a beautiful country where you can see many unusual animals and creatures. Some of them are koalas and kangaroos. But the country has so much more to offer with its great standard of living. Both in terms of career advancement as well as in living conditions. Being a European colony, many people from all over the world live there. If you plan to move from Hong Kong to Australia, you can hire a removal company Hong Kong to help you with the relocation. Those looking for a fresh start in a new country will easily fall in love with Australia. If you are among these people read this guide about moving to Australia.

Why is Australia so famous for relocation?

An international move can be a complex procedure. Therefore, it is very important to get to know the country you are moving to. It would be much easier for both you and your family to quickly adapt to new living conditions.

tall buildings in the city
Before moving from Hong Kong to Australia you need to prepare well for the relocation

People living in this country enjoy many benefits. For example, there is a great balance between work and free time. In addition, if you plan to hire moving services Hong Kong, you will enjoy great living conditions and fantastic healthcare. Also, employers offer pretty decent work conditions including working benefits. If you have children, they will get a good education. Australia has great weather conditions. Those moving to the cities near the coast will have the opportunity to enjoy the days on the beach. There are plenty of amenities that the country offers for all generations. Enjoying watersports is just a small portion of it.

Moving to Australia from Hong Kong

Moving is never easy, especially if you need to go such a long distance from Hong Kong to Australia.  But with the right kind of help, your next relocation can be much easier. It doesn’t matter if you are moving locally in Hong Kong or to another country. Even when moving to Australia from Hong Kong, with the help of professionals your move can be easy. Australia has been on the list as the destination for living for many years. However, like any other country, it has many different rules and restrictions that you will need to follow so you can move there successfully. On the other hand, Australians are welcoming to new ex-pats, since people from many different countries are moving here for years. For this reason, the integration process into the country and culture is much easier, including getting used to the Australian English accent.

Get to know the Australian culture

Hong Kong residents find it attractive to move to Australia since there is not much work pressure in this country. Most people who live here work five days a week.

Sydney opera house
You will need to learn about Australian culture before moving here

This work-balance culture without the request to work long hours is something that many people from all over the world like about Australia. When moving internationally from Hong Kong, changes are seldom easy. However, apart from great working conditions, a pleasant climate plays an important part. Thanks to the nice weather, many Australians like to spend most of their time outdoors. There will be always something new to explore among numerous beaches, mountains, and deserts. Also, there is a wide variety of cultural diversities in Australia. You will have the option to taste different cuisines and meet many people from diverse cultures. Finally, multiculturalism reflects also in sports, arts, and literature.

What are the difficulties of moving to Australia?

Moving to another country, and even to another continent often presents many difficulties. And it might seem almost impossible to have a stress-free relocation. First of all, distance presents a big problem. Being so far away, you might be wondering how you will transport all your belongings to Australia. And it’s a valid question. You will need to find the best moving company in Hong Kong to help you achieve your goal. After you find the right kind of moving and packing help, you need to think about your legal status in Australia. So, there’s the problem of immigration to Australia. Even though it’s fairly easy for skilled workers, it’s still a lengthy process. You need to find a job offer and file a lot of paperwork. You also need to find a decent place to live and get to know the country’s customs.

Moving from Hong Kong to Australia means moving to a different kind of nature and climate

Some people think that moving to Australia means that there is hot weather all over the country. However, the reality is a bit different. The fact that Australia has such a diverse climate will leave you in awe. This diversity will give you the opportunity to find the area which suits you most. When getting a moving estimate, you can expect to experience different sceneries such as deserts, beaches, rainforests, and mountains. Sunshine lovers can enjoy more than 3000 sunny hours a year.

a cargo ship moving from Hong Kong to Australia
Moving to Australia you will experience a different climate

When it is summer in the south, it is wet in the north. In Brisbane, you will experience a tropical climate. While in Melbourne you can have all four seasons a day. A large land mass is also home to different plant and animal species that you can only find in Australia. There are different mammals and reptiles, including other species such as kangaroos, platypi, or dingos.

There are good healthcare options

Among the best things to consider when moving to Australia is its outstanding healthcare system. There is a universal healthcare system that Australians call Medicare. This service is mostly free for all Australians and their permanent residents. It includes doctor’s appointments, hospital visits, and free or reduced costs medicines. Moving out of Hong Kong and coming to the Land Down Under, you should think about the option to get private healthcare as well. Almost one-half of the population has some sort of this kind of health insurance. If you are about to get Medicare, you will need to apply for a special Medicare card. This card you will need to present every time you wish to use healthcare services. In addition, it is advisable to obtain any kind of medical insurance when moving out of Hong Kong.

It is important to choose the right visa when moving from Hong Kong to Australia

When moving to Australia, it is important to know which visa you should apply for. There are many different types of visas. It depends on whether you already have a job position in Australia. Or if you are moving as a family member. If the reason for your move is work, then it is the best option to first find a job. You can expect different job opportunities and therefore you can apply for a sponsored visa. The Government says that the priority for applying has applicants with different kinds of special skills.

two men writing on papers
When moving from Hong Kong to Australia you will need to apply for the right visa type

If you are among them, you can apply through the Global Talent Visa program or Business Innovation and Investment Program. Some of the visas can provide temporary or permanent residency. In addition, you can also apply for a family visa if you are married or plan to marry an Australian citizen.

High living standards and costs of living

In comparison to Hong Kong, Australian cities are more affordable for living. Totally, you will save more than 25% of your income after moving to Australia. In addition, the fact that there are great job opportunities will make the relocation and adjustment process much easier. For example, some of the changes to expect after moving to Australia are rental prices. If you wish to rent an apartment in Sydney or Melbourne, it would be cheaper than renting in Hong Kong. The renting costs of a three-bedroom city center apartment are around $2500. If you plan to rent outside the city center, the prices are lower around $200. In addition, if you plan to buy a property, it would be around 45% cheaper than buying property in Hong Kong.  Fresh products are cheaper in Australia, while consumer goods are slightly more expensive.

What about moving with pets?

When moving, most people who have pets would like to take them to their new homeland. Luckily, Australians like to keep different kinds of pets. Those living in the coastal area like to walk their dogs along the beach before work. However, before pet movers Hong Kong can help you with your pet relocation, you need to know the rules and regulations regarding it. To bring your pet to Australia means that you will need to have tons of paperwork.

a yellow cat in the box
Relocation with a pet can be pretty complex

The Australian Government offers a free calculation where you can check in which category your pet falls. Dogs and cats that are coming from rabies-free countries also need an import permit. Also, your pet will need to go into quarantine for at least 10 days after it arrives in Australia. In addition, all the vaccines will need to be up-to-date.

Make shipping your goods cheaper

During relocation preparations, one of the most expensive things to organize is shipping your belongings all the way to Australia. In general, you can use either ocean or air freight. However, when moving to Australia it is much cheaper to send your belongings by ship. If you wish to save on your international relocation, you can use both shipping and storage options that your movers can provide. Buying new furniture can be quite expensive. And that’s an expense that you might not be able to take right after moving to Australia. For this reason, you can send your furniture via the ocean route to reach your new home safely. In addition, you need to know all the rules and regulations regarding what kind of furniture materials Australian customs allow to enter the country. Also, all the items must be your personal property. You need to clearly write what each box contains.

You will need to know what items you can or cannot take with you when moving from Hong Kong to Australia

Packing for a relocation is not an easy thing to do. Especially because you would probably wish to take as many of your belongings as possible. Each country has its own customs rules allowing or prohibiting certain items to enter. It is necessary to inform on this on time to avoid any issues at the borders. To get through customs when relocating internationally, you need to know the exact rules of the country you are moving to which you can find on the border control page. Some of the household items that you can ship are:

  • furniture and appliances
  • clothing
  • personal hygiene items
  • books
  • sport equipment
a woman reading on the laptop about moving from Hong Kong to Australia
You will need to inform yourself about the items you can and cannot bring into Australia

Items that the Government prohibits often include flammables, plants, and toxic materials. In addition, these items they would certainly check at the borders:

  • commercial goods
  • motor vehicles
  • aircrafts
  • human remains
  • items that you purchased via the Internet

Moving from Hong Kong to Australia is not an easy process to finalize. An international move can bring you a lot of excitement. However, you will also need to prepare well for the whole process. In addition, these preparations can last for six months or even more. Therefore, it is vital that you give yourself enough time to prepare for everything. Start with the research process and discover all about the cultural and other differences between Hong Kong and Australia. Once you have a bigger picture of everything, you will know what to expect. Finally, look forward to moving to this country of great opportunities.

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