How do movers pack a truck?

Do you need to move? Have you decided about the moving company? Are you going to hire the best moving company in Hong Kong or do everything by yourself? Even if you hire a moving company, you can do some parts of relocation. For example, you can pack and transport your items. Additionally, you can also put your items in the moving truck while you have someone else drive it. As you can see, you have many options. Whatever the case might be, you should know how professionals would do it. For this reason, here is how movers pack a truck. 

Movers pack a truck of a suitable size 

Before you start packing your moving truck, you need to rent one. How to rent a moving truck? You can rent one from the moving company. As mentioned, you can use full moving services where movers do everything. However, this can be quite expensive, depending on the size of your household, distance, etc. It would be costly if you are moving internationally. In this case, it would be wise to hire international movers Hong Kong since you need to protect your items properly. On the other hand, local relocations are easier to handle so you can try to organize everything by yourself. You should rent a moving truck at least one month before the move. Visit your moving company and ask them for recommendations. They will know which truck would be suitable for your relocation. 

three moving trucks
You need to choose the right size of a moving truck

Gather packing supplies 

You cannot load your items without properly packing them first. They could easily get damaged during the transport. This should not happen and you should definitely try to avoid it at all costs. It can be quite expensive to replace or repair all the items that would get damaged. For this reason, you should invest in quality packing supplies. It should include the following. 

  • Moving boxes 
  • Bubble wrapping 
  • Packing peanuts 
  • Moving blankets 
  • Plastic covers 
  • Straps 
  • Tape 

If you need more things, you can get them from your moving company. In addition to this, if you plan to keep your items in Kwun tong storage, you should use the same supplies. Items can be easily damaged in the storage unit if they are not properly packed. Lastly, if you are planning to find packing supplies on your own, make sure they are in good condition. 

Movers pack a truck with equipment and help 

You will never see just one person packing a moving truck. It is too difficult. For this reason, you should ask your friends to help you. It is impossible to do everything alone. You can easily slip, lose your balance, and drop boxes. This will not only cause damage to your items, but you can sustain serious injuries. No one wants to spend their moving day in the hospital because of a moving mistake. Rather, have a couple of friends or family members over. Together with their help, you will pack the moving truck faster and easier. In addition to this, you will also need a couple of moving equipment. First of all, you need a ramp if the moving truck doesn’t come with it. Then, you will need a dolly, straps, etc. Again, you can get everything from your moving company. 

two girls talking
Don’t pack the moving truck alone

Disassemble furniture 

Now that you have everything ready, it is time to pack your items first. Start with your small items and put them in the boxes. You should group all the similar items from the same room. This way, you will have an easier time unpacking your items. Then, you can proceed with the large furniture. You should disassemble all the pieces that you can. Put smaller pieces in the boxes and cover larger pieces with moving blankets or plastic covers. Make sure to label everything so you will not be confused once you start unpacking. Then, make sure to measure all the doorways to see if your large furniture can pass through. If not, then, you should find an alternative solution. Additionally, if you live in a building, then, see if you can reserve an elevator. Notify the maintenance team about your upcoming move. 

Movers pack a truck with these tips

It is time to pack your moving truck. This is how you should do it. 

  • Load largest and heaviest items first – you should never put your lighter boxes first because they will get crushed under the heavy ones. 
  • Place sofas, headboards, and tables in an upright position large pieces of furniture will take more place if placed horizontally. For this reason, place them in an upright position to save space in the moving truck. 
  • Roll up rugs – again to save space, you should roll up rugs and put them in an upright position. 
  • Load lightest items last – as mentioned, you should keep the lightest items for last. Put them on top of the large and heavy items. 
  • Use a ramp and a dolly – do not forget to use moving equipment in order to avoid injuries and causing damage to your items. 
movers pack a truck that is open
Be careful when putting items in the truck

Secure everything properly 

If you are asking yourself how movers pack a truck, you have the answer now. You should do as mentioned already. However, this is not everything. Do not forget to distribute the weight evenly. You will have an easier time packing and unpacking the moving truck. Additionally, you will have more control when driving and you will not cause any inconvenience. Lastly, you should use moving straps. You need to secure everything properly. Your items should not move during transport. This can cause serious damage to your items, especially if heavy and large pieces bump into smaller ones. For this reason, use moving straps and secure everything. If you think this would be too difficult for you to manage, then, have movers pack and transport your items. You will pay more but at least you will be sure that your items are properly packed.  

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