How do you move with a lot of books?

Just when you decide to relocate you will realize how many things you possess. Moving really can be a challenging event so have in mind that hiring experienced Hong Kong movers and packers will make your life a lot easier during that period. Having professionals by your side will change the whole experience and they will know how to handle any challenge that occurs. You can ask them anything, even how to move with a lot of books. And we are here to give you some tips on that, too.

Tips on how to move with a lot of books

Once you hire a moving service Hong Kong, you will have to start planning your relocation. The majority of people’s first thing to do is think of packing. But we would suggest you first decide do you need all those books in your new home. A good collector should know what to keep and what to let go of after some time.

books on a shelf
We have for you great tips on how to move with a lot of books.

We understand that it can be hard to let go of some titles. If you don’t have space for all those books that you love in your new place, you can rent a storage unit Hong Kong. Take there some of your beloved books for a long time or just for now before you decide what to do with them.


Whether you decide to rent short term storage Hong Kong or you want books in your new home, you have to pack them well in order to transport them safely. Since packing, books take a lot of time, start with it early. Order some quality packing boxes and tape so you can start as soon as possible.

a girl sitting on sofa and reading
Good packaging materials is essential for moving your books

Divide your books by size

Since you are about to pack them in boxes, the best usage of space would be to pack them by size. So take your time to divide them first into groups. Also, have in mind how heavy they are. A box full of books will be so hard to carry and handle. That’s why it would be smart to have rather smaller boxes. The boxes with books in them should weigh something below 40 lbs. That will make them so much easier to carry and handle for sure. And if you decide that you don’t want to take all the books, have in mind that you can donate them to Hong Kong Public Libraries.

When it comes to packing, another great option would be a rolling suitcase. When it comes to using this type of bag, many people think of clothes. But this could be such a great option for books too. Those suitcases are spacy and have wheels, so it can be such a good match. Some books are heavier than others – they are longer and have a hardcover. So pack them on the bottom and leave those lights on the top. That way you will avoid to tip over with your suitcase and to potentially damaging your beloved books. So as you can see, there are great ways to move with a lot of books, just plan it all well and it will work out for sure.

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