How to become a Hong Kong local after you move

Are you moving soon to Hong Kong? Have you organized everything? These would include all the necessary papers, documents, items, hiring Hong Kong movers and packers, etc. While you are preoccupied with moving preparation, you might not focus too much on life in Hong Kong. This would be also an important part of every relocation. It can be quite lonely and stressful when you first move. For this reason, here is how you can become a Hong Kong local after you move. You will have an easier time adjusting and enjoying your life in Hong Kong if you know how to settle in. 

Become a Hong Kong local after you move by speaking the right language 

There are actually two official languages in Hong Kong. The first one is of course Chinese (Cantonese) and the second one is English. People use both languages in schools and universities, but Cantonese is spoken in everyday life. Even if you speak only English, you will be fine. You can find all the documents in English and there would always be at least one person who can help you to navigate all the bureaucracy. When you are gathering all the documents for an international relocation, it would be perfectly fine if they are in English. Additionally, you can find road signs both in English and Chinese so you will be able to easily find your way. Still, it would be more beneficial if you can pick up some basic Chinese before you come.  

become a Hong Kong local after you move by learning Cantonese
It would be beneficial if you learn basic Cantonese

Understand the culture 

If you want to feel like a local, you need to act like a local. This means understanding Hong Kong’s culture. Hong Kong is an interesting combination of Chinese traditions and modernism. When you look at any photo of Hong Kong, you will see skyscrapers, modern buildings, shopping malls, etc. In one word, it looks very futuristic. However, you can find traces and influences of traditional Chinese culture. For example, there are always traditional festivals such as the Chinese New Year, Spring Festival celebrated in this very modern-looking city. For this reason, it would be of great help if you can learn something more about Chinese culture before coming here. Of course, you don’t have to become an expert in a short amount of time, but it will help you feel like a local if you know all the cultural aspects

Become a Hong Kong local after you move by following the same lifestyle 

Hong Kong is well known for providing better living standards and many opportunities to its residents. That is one of the main reasons why so many people wish to live in this city. After all, there are more than 7,5 million people living here. However, if you are coming from the West, you might be surprised how fast the lifestyle here is. This is usually one of the biggest culture shocks for people from European countries.

People in Hong Kong are mostly in a hurry to finish their daily tasks or they are working overtime. For this reason, if you plan to work here, you should prepare yourself for extreme working hours that may happen from time to time. Still, you will have many opportunities to grow as a professional and even to help expand a business to Australia or any other country. 

buses on the street
When in Hong Kong, live like a Hongkonger

Food culture 

Hong Kong is a combination of Chinese traditional culture and modernism. One place where you can see the influence of Chinese culture would be food. Even though there are many ex-pats in Hong Kong, thus a large number of their cuisine, the most popular one is Chinese. During every celebration, there would be a high consumption of food.

You might be surprised by the number and variety of dishes. Furthermore, after work, it is quite common to go out for drinks, dinners, or simply order something. It would be quite rude if you do not join your colleagues for after-work dinner. This can be a good opportunity to get to know your colleagues and learn how to become a local in Hong Kong. As for food choices, you can try everything from Chinese food, western cuisine, other Asian countries’ cuisine, to fancy restaurants and street snack stalls. 

Become a Hong Kong local after you move by traveling around 

If you live in Hong Kong, it is quite convenient to travel to other Asian countries as well. You can hire relocation services Hong Kong for your first travel since you will come with luggage and other household items. But after this moving period, it is time to enjoy exploring East Asia. Usually, locals would choose the following countries to spend their hard-earned vacation. 

  • Vietnam 
  • Thailand 
  • Japan 
  • South Korea 
  • Malaysia 
  • Indonesia 
  • Philippines 
  • Taiwan 
  • Singapore 

If you have never visited any of these countries, now you have an amazing opportunity. They are all relatively close by. At least much closer than when you are traveling from any European or American country. For this reason, you should enjoy getting to know other parts of Asia. After your vacation, you can share stories and photos from your travels with your Hong Kong colleagues. 

one part of the globe
You can easily travel to other Asian countries

The landscape of Hong Kong 

Even though it is always exciting to travel around, you should also explore Hong Kong. You will truly become a Hong Kong local after moving if you know how to enjoy all the beauties of the city itself. Hong Kong is not just one huge urban jungle, it actually has plenty of amazing places outside of the city. There are many mountains and beaches worth visiting and exploring. This is also a good way to escape city life and enjoy some peace and quiet you can only find in the countryside. Lastly, it is also very popular to go hiking, even together with your colleagues. For this reason, get yourself sturdy pieces of hiking equipment and enjoy the views from the top of the mountains.

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