How to choose the best self-storage unit

Not everyone has enough space to store all of their possessions. Maybe you’re moving into a smaller apartment. Or you maybe have some valuable belongings that you would feel more comfortable with being placed in self-storage. Finding the perfect self-storage unit that is most suitable for your needs can be difficult. Especially if it’s your first time. So, in order to help you choose the best self-storage unit here are some information, tips, and tricks.

How to choose the best self-storage unit – Storage type 

Before you choose the best self-storage unit, you need to define your needs and requirements.

  • Storage unit size – Determining the size of the self-storage unit you need can be a bit difficult. If you rent a unit that’s too big, you’ll be wasting your money. But, if you choose a too small unit, your belongings won’t fit in. To avoid these problems, prepare a detailed list of the items you plan to put in storage. And also ask several storage company specialists for advice and quotes.
  • Climate control – Climate-controlled units are somewhat expensive to rent. But, if you need long-term storage for delicate items, or if you live in an area with extreme temperature fluctuations, you should consider paying a little more. This way you’ll ensure the safety of your precious possessions. Here is all you need to know about climate-controlled storage units.
The storage hallway
Choose a storage unit that fits your needs.


In order to choose the best self-storage unit, consider the unit’s location. It’s always a good idea to choose self-storage facilities currently near you. Especially if you plan on driving to your unit several times a month. However, don’t pick the closest one based on convenience alone. Sometimes driving an extra five miles means getting more bang for your bucks. Such as better office hours or customer service.


Depending on how often and at what times you are likely to need access to your storage unit, standard weekday access may or may not be enough for you. Not every storage facility is open 24/7. So, it’s a good idea to research the accessibility conditions before you choose the best self-storage unit. Find out if the business hours of the facility you are considering fit your schedule. And if on-demand access is possible.

Check the security before you choose the best self-storage unit

Before you rent a self-storage unit, you must be absolutely sure that the storage has excellent security. You want your precious items to be safe at all times. Good self-storage facilities are equipped with a number of modern security features. All in order to guarantee the well-being of your items and your peace of mind.

  • Surveillance system – If you want to choose the best self-storage units, be sure they have a good surveillance system. The system whose cameras monitor the exterior area and the interior of the facility, with the hallways.
  • Fence – The fence should surround the entire complex and be in good overall condition. No rust, no holes, no cuts, and no broken supporting poles.
  • Gate – The storage needs to have the gate to keep illegal visitors away. It’s important to know that once you get inside the self-storage facility, especially after the official business hours, you will be as safe. Just as your items that are stored in there.
  • Storage unit door – The door to your self-storage unit should be in good condition. There should be no visible problems whatsoever. It should open and close easily, and its seal should be tight when the door is closed, to prevent water from entering the storage space. The door latch should look strong enough and in good working condition. There you’ll place your personal lock.
  • Live guards – Some great self-storage facilities will also provide live security guards. This is an additional safety measure against any ill-intentioned acts.
  • Additional security – You choose the best self-storage unit when the unit has an adequate fire prevention system.
When you want to choose the best self-storage unit, consider their security system.

The units condition

Here are some of the essential features you should look for when you want to choose the best self-storage unit.

  • Structures – The storage buildings shouldn’t have any noticeable structural damage. Holes along the structure can be a sign of leaks or pest infestation. So if you spot any holes, no matter about their size, look for another unit.
  • Cleanliness – You want a storage facility that is very clean and well-kept.
  • Loading docks – Good storage companies provide high-quality loading docks to their valued clients.
  • Parking space – Choose a storage facility that provides plenty of convenient parking places. And direct access to the self-storage units.
  • Enough illumination – Light is essential for a good self-storage solution. You need a self-storage facility that is well-lit regardless of the time of day or night. The self-storage unit should offer a great level of visibility. This way you can avoid any types of injuries while you handle your stuff.

Great service

There are many factors you should consider when you want to choose the best self-storage unit. But, if the employers are rude and ignorant then you should look for another storage facility. The one with polite, knowledgeable and really helpful staff. Also, a friendly property manager is another factor to consider when you want to choose the best self-storage unit.

Common self-storage mistakes people make

Even if you choose to keep some of your belongings in a storage facility, you still need to ensure their security. But, most people make some storage mistakes that end up damaging their items. Here are some of the most common storage mistakes people make:

  • Going for the wrong unit size.
  • Saving money on important features like security systems, climate control.
  • Not doing background research on a storage company.
  • Not studying the terrain.
  • Being guided by price alone.
  • Not ensuring your belongings before something happens.

Keep these mistakes on your mind, and try to avoid them.

Empty storage - choose the best self-storage unit
Let your eyes and experience make the decision for you.

In conclusion about how to choose the best self-storage unit

You need the self -storage unit with the affordable price, first-class security and impeccable overall condition. Of course, the unit should have excellent service. And most importantly, you need to tour the self-storage facility in person first. And then to make a decision.

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