How to choose the best storage for your valuables

You’re about to renovate your house? Are you planning to move to another city? You don’t have enough space to store your belongings? If the answer is – YES, then it’s high time to choose the best storage for your valuables! Storage units are a popular and smart way of storing items, valuables, furniture, and basically, everything that you don’t have space to keep. People usually want to know if this is a waste of money or really necessary and an important thing when it comes to moving. But the fact is, storage units are the perfect solution for many people around the world who move and highly recommended by moving experts. Did you know that you can rent a storage unit for just $1 per month? You can find amazing offers and special discounts, and if you’re already considering renting a storage unit to store your belongings, we’ll help you with – how to choose the best self-storage unit for your valuables 

the best storage for your valuables
Before you rent the storage unit make a list of valuables you want to store and pay attention to large and fragile items.

Why you should rent a storage unit? 

It’s simple! It’s economical, your stuff is safe in one place. You can store everything you want! (well, don’t try to store birthday cake though). The storage unit is safe and protected with security alarms. It’s safe from moisture, fire, and insects. And if you are going to renovate your house or relocate to your new home, think about where you should keep your valuables? You can’t keep everything at your friend’s house or in a garage. You can damage or break your valuables. That’s why it is important to find the best storage for your valuables. Besides, hiring a professional moving company along with its drivers, workers and moving truck may cost you more than double the rent of self-storage unit. You can load the storage unit with your friends easily and it offers more flexibility.

storage unit
Make sure you rent a storage unit with a good alarm and safety system. Create your individual password and stay calm.

Don’t forget to ask! 

Before you choose the best storage for your valuables, there are some important things you need to check:  

  • Storage unit size  
  • Storage equipment 
  • Security features 
  • Company’s staff 
  • Climate control conditions as well as moisture, humidity, fire resistance  

So, check the best and most reliable storage companies. You can easily find local companies online and see the user’s feedback and reviews. The most important thing is to ask to see the storage unit personally and check it from inside and outside. Don’t just make an arrangement after seeing the picture of storage. Of course, an old trick is when a manager tells you that there are only a few storages left or they’re limited. Don’t believe it, until you see it by yourself. If you sign the contract right away, you can be deceived or pay a lot more money. And don’t forget to ask about the location, discounts and special offers!  

Make a list of valuables you want to store. 

Before you go and rent a storage unit, sit down and make a list of things you want to store. Write down all, from larger to smaller items. Large items are usually the hardest to load and store, and most of the space goes on them. Small things can be put in drawers or on a pile. But, if you’re going to store fragile and important valuables, check whether it has some equipment and further protection. Picking a proper storage unit usually goes along with moving. And with that, you need to know how to avoid moving injuries as well.  Some storages offer moving insurance and alarm and video security. See if you need it. And, one hint, take a picture of all valuables you store, just in case. Because you never know what can go wrong.

girl in front of a storage container
If you want to choose the best storage for your valuables, don’t forget to ask questions about safety, insurance, conditions and maybe some discount! Why not!?

Inform yourself about the storage unit’s sizes. 

You can’t just randomly pick the certain storage unit because it may be small or too large for your valuables. First of all, consider larger items. What are their measures? And when you check it, compare it with storage unit sizes and choose the right for you. Of course, you can always pick a larger storage unit, but why pay more, when you can choose the right size? And if you’re wondering about sizes, keep in mind that storage units are sized by square footage, and the typical ceiling is eight feet high. For example, the 5×10 size is enough to store the furniture from a one bedroom apartment. And most common measures today are: 5×10, the size of a large closet 

  • 10×10, the size of a child’s bedroom  
  • 10×20, the size of a small garage 
  • 15×20, the size of a large bedroom 

So, make sure you measure large items because small ones you can put easily in drawers or in boxes. If you’re interested in finding the best storage for your valuables, according to reviews the most popular storage size in the U.S. it’s 10×10 – the size of a child’s bedroom. 

Choose the best storage for your valuables. 

You can’t choose the best storage for your valuables if you don’t know which type of storage unit is suitable for your items. Before you choose to type, pick the right size you want. If your valuables can be damaged by moisture and temperature (paintings, antiques, photographs, wooden things, clothes, etc), try a climate controlled storage. The goals of these articles are simple. To provide you with a bit of information on everything moving related. And tips to cope with moving stress too. If you want frequent access to your valuables you should pick storage with 24/7 option, but bear in mind that this is often costly. If you want to share storage with your friend, you can choose the offer when you share storage unit. You can also choose between indoor or outdoor storages, depends on your wishes and a budget, of course.  

four large containers
Choosing an option that suits you the best can take time!

Pick a reliable company that offers the best storage for your valuables. 

Don’t just rent random storage. Make sure you read all the reviews, feedbacks and advice from users, and choose a reliable company that provides the biggest safety to your valuables. This is not a philosophy, just take some time and read about companies online. You may be attracted by cheap storages and find out they are in bad condition and dirty. When it comes to getting cheap deals to learn how to find the best moving rates.  And also you may pay a fortune for fancy storage and find out it is ordinary storage, you’ve just looked at the fake picture. So, choose wisely! 


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