How to clean out your closet before moving abroad: step-by-step guide

In every household, there is a cluttered wardrobe at some point in time. No matter how much you organize and clean it, it will get cluttered. Everyone has those things that they never wear but somehow can’t get rid of them. Well, now that you hired ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong, it is time to put some attention to that. Clutter is a big no when moving since it will add unnecessary costs and give you more things to pack. Because of that, we will teach you how to clean out your closet before moving abroad.

How should you clean out your closet before moving abroad?

Moving abroad means that you will travel a big distance, maybe even over various time zones. An international moving company Hong Kong, for example, charges by the distance covered during a move. The second price-determining factor is the number of items that you move. But since everybody nowadays owns lots of clothes, it will make up a good part of your moving inventory. Likely, you don’t use some of those clothes, and you shouldn’t bother to move them either. If you want to clean out your closet before moving abroad, you should:

  • Start early with decluttering
  • Get rid of everything you don’t need
  • Avoid second thoughts
Picture of clothes
When you want to clean out your closet before moving abroad, you need to take time

Start early

Decluttering often takes more time than expected. You might think that you just throw away items a few days before moving out of Hong Kong. It would be good if it was this easy. The good thing is that you can do this at all times, not just before moving. Ideally, you can start a few months before by using something as simple as a box or any other bigger container. Put three boxes close to the place where you keep your clothes, and assign one to donate, one to sell, and another to throw away. The final destination should depend on the state of the clothes.

Get rid of unwanted items

Everyone has that one item in the closet that they bought and never used. Or you might have an item that is worn out, but you just cannot convince yourself to throw it away. The time before renting some storage Hong Kong is the perfect moment to make these decisions. Anything that you haven’t worn in the past season at all, you should get rid of. It is just taking away space since you likely won’t use it.

Avoid second thoughts

We get emotionally attached to some clothes, even though we don’t need them. These will be the clothes that will give you second thoughts if you put them in the donation box well ahead of moving day. If you know that you are prone to this, you should get rid of these items right away, because you will end up keeping them again if you don’t do it.

Picture of a woman trying to clean out your closet before moving abroad
There’s no room for second thoughts

Conclusion on the ways to clean out your closet before moving abroad

When you want to clean out your closet before moving abroad, take your time. While going through your things, you might find things that you forgot about or even come up with new outfits. Having fun with this will help you have fun and diminish moving day stress. Good luck!

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